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Restoration Remodel

The biggest expense of a flooded basement isn’t usually the cleanup and drying after flooding. It is the cost of rebuilding that hurts home and commercial property owners most.

2nd Chance Water Restoration can help you save a lot of money on rebuilding your house should you suffer water or fire damage. We give FREE estimates on all remodel work you may need done.

Experienced Remodeling Team

Having a highly experienced remodeling team helps you the consumer, but it also helps our water restoration business. It helps you, because you can get some great work done for less.

It helps our water restoration business due to the referral business we get for doing great work for less cost.

Our lead remodel and rebuild managers have over 50 years of combined experience. They know how to do everything from laying tile to custom wood work.

Our experienced remodeling team also knows how to save money without hurting quality of work. We are shoppers and property owners too. There is also a requirement to have a lot of pride in one’s work to even work at 2nd Chance Water Restoration.

Remodeling Is Done Right

Whenever you are doing home repair make sure the remodeling is done right. Having the ability to remodel your kitchen, bathroom or any other room is great. It is also an expense and an investment, so make sure you do it right.

Our goal is to make sure all of your kitchen and bathing remodeling is done right. Basements are always going to flood from time to time, so we help you plan ahead. We help you put together a plan for every room we remodel. This helps you save a lot of money should you have another sewage backup or flooding.

Carpet In Basements

Carpet in basements is always a debate in the water restoration world. Some people like carpet in basements due to extra warmth. You can also save carpet in flooding basement so long as it is category 1 or 2 water. There is no saving carpet with sewage damage due to health concerns.

Carpet in basements can be the cheap way to go. Tile can be the best long term investment though. That is because you can always clean tile. Tile survives basement flooding, so it covers it cost over time.

Cheap carpet in basements is also an OK idea. That is due to the cost and the ease in which we can remove or clean wet carpet.

We can help you install carpet in basements or any other room.

We Give FREE Quotes on Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling

You don’t have to suffer a fire or water emergency to get your kitchen or bathroom remodeling done. We Give FREE quotes on Kitchen & Bathroom remodeling all the time. Our remodel team also likes to complete basements.

Keeping busy with kitchen & bathroom remodeling work helps during the dry times. Our Chicagoland restoration teams also likes to do kitchen & bathroom remodeling work. So everyone is happy when we stay busy, including homeowners that get great results at affordable prices.

Update Your Kitchen & Bathroom

We would love to update your kitchen & bathroom, so give us a call for a free quote. Not only can we help you update your kitchen & bathroom; we will also save you money. If you look at this job we did in the pictures, then you will see how we can help you update your kitchen & bathroom. We take pride in taking water damage rebuilds and making them look great. The best part is we use the right building materials, so it lasts a long time. There is also thought put into preventing mold growth.

We were having a lot of fun updating this bathroom for the homeowners. The homeowners also had a lot of fun and they took pride in our work too. Hence, the pictures.

Putting in these sinks and tile floor in this bathroom brought us a lot of joy. Making homes look better while also helping people save money and enj0y less stress is our passion. It is a lot more fun than cleaning up sewage.

FREE Remodeling & Air Duct Cleaning Quotes

There is always a lot of dust and debris floating around during remodeling work, so we give FREE air duct cleaning quotes too. We use HEPA vacuums and professional air duct cleaning equipment, so you get the best service possible.

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