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2nd Chance Water Restoration FAQs

How did I get mold in my house?

Mold is a sign of water damage to a property because mold needs water to live just like every other living organism. Different types of mold will grow depending on what conditions are currently going on.

We suggest that you call an indoor environmentalist, industrial hygienist, or a professional mold test company to come in and do a mold test if you think mold is present. You can call us to ask us for our opinions, or to do the mold removal after you get the mold test results. The mold test should contain a protocol for the mold remediation project that clearly identifies the type of mold and suggested remediation techniques to remove the mold.

Can you work with our insurance company and bill them for the water damage, sewage removal, or mold remediation?

If you have insurance coverage for your particular water damage, mold removal, and sewage back-up issue, then we can definitely work with them directly. We can often bill them 100% for our work if you have a good claim number and sign the merger you service agreement allowing them to work with us on the billing and scope of water or mold work to be done.

Is mold dangerous whether it is alive, or dead?

Yes, mold is dangerous whether it is alive, or dead, because the mycotoxins that they produce in their war for food do not break very quickly and the human body can not easily break down, or get it out of it's system which is why mold cause serious health issues for people. It is important, when you are dealing with mold that you get both a mold test company and a mold remediation company like 2nd Chance Water Restoration to come out and perform their individual services. It is important that you do not use the same company to do both the mold test and the mold remediation, because that would be a severe conflict of interest. You should have both a pre and post mold remediation mold test done to insure that the mold was removed properly.

How long will drying equipment be needed to dry a flood-damaged property?

Equipment will be put in place and monitored until the dry standards have been met.

Can carpet and padding be saved after a sewage backup?

No, all carpet and padding affected by sewage must be removed.

What is the average cost of a water mitigation problem?

The industry average for a water damage loss is $2,500.

How long does it take for mold to start growing after water damage?

Mold will grow between 24 and 72 hours after water damage.

What are the three categories of water concerning water damage?

  • Category 1 is clean water such as tap water.
  • Category 2 is water from a sump pump failure or a laundry machine.
  • Category 3 is from sewage.

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