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Why I Love My Job!

Water damage

I once showed up to a job in New Jersey for hurricane Sandy and it was very cold and all the hotels for a 100 miles were sold out. My customer was Frank and because I was there when no one else would come he asked me to stay at his place as I dried his property from the water damage. Most people don’t have hurricane damage but usually a flooded basement or something. Frank had his whole house destroyed but was thee most joyous wonderful man I have ever met. He reminded me that a little water damage was no big deal in the grand scheme of things. He had lived a full life and seen so many things that he wasn’t going to let something a like a little hurricane to slow him down he worked right alongside us even when we tried to get him to stop. I should have gave him a water damage restoration job. He was tireless for the entire project.

His son also named Frank had a classic car that was ruined in the flood damage but even that didn’t upset Frank! He told me about his life and his story was inspiring. He spent his life working hard so that he could provide for his son and teach him his work ethic. He shared his knowledge and perceptions and I will be forever greatful. He said to take people at their words and demand that they live to it and if they didn’t not to keep them around. I spent a week with the guys drying out their home yet it didn’t feel like work. I talked the whole time with them and even though they were from New Jersey and I was from Elmhurst il I felt we had a lot of common ground. That’s why I love my job. Because you can make friends in the water damage restoration industry and it is often your customers.

I don’t expect most customers to be this excellent but I’m glad I got to be the guy who dried this home! I made some friends and helped save a flooded crawl space that I almost forgot to talk about. Love life my friends.