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Q: What should I do if my basement floods?

A: The I.I.C.R.C. says you should use a certified water restoration company for your water removal needs.

Q: Who should I choose for my Water Damage Restoration needs?

A: The company that makes you most comfortable! 2nd Chance Water Restoration is a local company that has five stars everywhere. We are based out of Elmhurst, Illinois but service the whole Chicagoland area!

Q: Can I do my Water Damage Restoration myself?

A: Of course you can! Call 2nd Chance Water Restoration at 630-546-2239 anytime you might need advice.

Q: What is the most important step for my water damage restoration needs?

A: The most important thing is to make sure everything is completely dry within 72 hours.

Q: How do I dry out my flooded basement?

A: There are many ways to effectively dry your basement but nothing beats water removal and proper drying equipment for the necessary amount of time. Nobody likes a flooded basement!

Q: Where can I get drying Equipment?

A: Anywhere you can rent equipment. 2nd Chance Water Restoration can supply you equipment, at a better price, delivered to your home.

Q: Why pay more to rent and than pick up equipment from a rental place?

A: There is no reason to get equipment from a rental company when 2nd Chance Water Restoration can deliver it for you.

Q: How do I get Water Damage Restoration estimates from reputable companies?

A: Nowadays that is easily done by checking the Internet and looking for feedback before you choose a professional water damage restoration company. For instance, 2nd Chance Water Restoration is five star rated on multiple platforms such as Google, Yelp, Facebook, and anywhere else you can be rated. 2nd Chance Water Restoration is A+ rated with the BBB Chicago BBB.

Q: Who can I use for my broken pipe Water damage problem in Elmhurst, Illinois?

A: There is only one Water Damage Company based exclusively in Elmhurst, Illinois that has over 400 likes on Facebook without a complaint or bad review. 2nd Chance Water Restoration is that company and you can reach us at 630-546-2239!

Q: Who can I use for Water Removal in Chicago, Illinois?

A: 2nd Chance Water Restoration is a Chicago, Illinois Water Removal company that excels at customer satisfaction.

Q: What does Water Damage Restoration cost?

A: Water Damage Restoration is expensive. All quality Water Damage Restoration Chicago, Illinois companies use Xactimate pricing. Effectively drying homes step by step adds up very quickly which is why we at 2nd Chance Water Restoration recommend getting several estimates if you do not have insurance. If you do have insurance then pick the only company with five stars and no complaints, 2nd Chance Water Restoration as we usually bill one hundred percent through insurance unless there are special circumstances. 2nd Chance Water Restoration will give a lower estimate to the uninsured on your Water Damage Restoration Chicago Illinois needs than any of our competition. We will save you a thousand dollars on average.

Q: What advantage, has a consumer, do I have using an independently owned Water Damage Restoration Chicago Illinois company over a franchise Water Damage Restoration company?

A: Franchise Water Damage Restoration companies typically follow the franchise rules.

Q: What is a franchise rule?

A: The franchise rule is this. Franchises owe fifteen percent of their gross revenue to their parent companies. If you have a privately owned company out to estimate your home the price can be set without rules. That is where the nice people at 2nd Chance Water Restoration will save you a ton of money. 2nd Chance Water Restoration only answers to their customers so we insist on treating everyone as fellow human beings with a problem. We will help you with a friendlier service at a lower price because we care.

Q: How can I prevent Mold in my flooded basement?

A: The only way to prevent Mold in your flooded basement is to get proper drying accomplished within seventy two hours.

Q: How long does mold take to  grow?

A: Mold will grow in a home within 24 to 72 hours depending on the water category and other conditions.

Q: What other towns besides Chicago and Elmhurst does 2nd Chance Water Restoration service?

A: We at 2nd Chance service all towns in the seven counties surrounding Chicago. Some of those towns are Schaumburg, Skokie, Addison, Buffalo Grove, Naperville, Arlington Heights, Romeoville, Hanover Park, Villa Park, Lombard, Oakbrook, Lisle, Northbrook and many more towns.

Chicago is the third biggest city in the country. Chicago is named after the Native American term for wild onions. Some people think that Chicago got the monicker “The Windy City” from it’s wheatear but it actually got the nickname from the reputation of the local politicians. They were referred to as being full of hot air. Chicago is known for it’s food, architecture, politics, skyline, lakeshore and sports teams.  The food that is my favorite is Italian beef. Italian beef is almost unheard of outside of Chicago but is starting to gain national attention. Lake Michigan borders the entire east side of the city which sometimes leads to flooding. There used to be more frequent flooding before the Chicago Fire enabled the city to be raised several feet.

Bottomline if you have Water Damage in Chicago, Illinois then you call 2nd Chance Water Restoration at 630-546-2239! We service the whole Chicagoland area. We can be at your home or place of business within the hour seven days a week. Everyone of our technicians are a trained professional certified in Water Restoration and Applied anti microbial remediation. That is fancy way of saying that you will have someone who is an expert at mold removal and mold prevention at your home.