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What should I do first, when my home floods?

You should call a professional water restoration company to get a free inspections and estimate for proper flood cleanup. Flood water carries a lot of contaminants that can be really harmful to humans and the indoor living environment. Typically mold begins to grow within 72 hours, when there is a water damage issue inside, but that time is greatly reduced, when the water contains contaminants from the outside environment. Flood water carries with it mud, viruses, bacteria and other contaminants that can damage everything from carpet, drywall, baseboards, cabinets, furniture, appliances and other building materials. The best company to call in the greater Chicago area is without a doubt 2nd Chance Water Restoration. 2nd Chance Water Restoration has some of the most experienced service professionals in the entire water damage industry and our reviews on Google and Yelp show that we take our customer satisfaction very seriously.

Call 2nd Chance Water Restoration of Chicago for a hassle and obligation free estimate for any flood cleanup services that you may need 24-7 365 days a year at 866-575-5814!

Our water damage service professionals can find any bound water in your property and assess the total water damage to the property in a very short period of time. We can identify any potentially hidden water issues with thermal imaging cameras and top of the line moisture detection meters. Our service professionals are fully equipped, trained and ready to cleanup your flood damaged property. We have enough air movers and low grain refrigerant dehumidifiers to dry half of the state of Illinois.

The first things you should do, if your property floods:

1.) Call 2nd Water Restoration of Chicago at 866-575-5814

2.) Take pictures and video of the damage including any wet furniture, clothing, flooring, or other damaged materials.

3.) Call your insurance company. Should your insurance company provide coverage for this particular water damage emergency, then they will have an adjuster call you, or visit your property ASAP.

4.) Carpet that has been wet for more than 24 hours or has been damaged by sewage, or other types of category 3 water should be discard immediately for health and safety reasons. Carpet padding that has been affected by water should always be discarded, unless it is category one water that caused the damage and it is able to get extracted and completely dried within 24 hours.

5.) any walls that have wet baseboards in front of wet drywall should have the baseboards removed or air holes drilled into the drywall, or the walls and baseboards won’t dry fast enough to prevent mold growth.

6.) Any kid or dog toys that get damaged by flood water should be discard, or properly cleaned depending on the conditions of the flooding for health reasons. When in doubt throw it out.

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Water removal in Chicago!

Make sure that you do not try to clean up sewage on your own, because sewage contains viruses, bacteria and many other potentially dangerous bio-hazards. Leave sewage clean up to the service professionals at 2nd Chance Water Restoration, because we clean up more sewage related floods than anyone in the Chicago area. We do sewage cleanup projects in the greater Chicago area every day of the year. Our service professionals can be at your home with an hour to get the sewage cleaned up, if you call us anytime at 866-575-5814!