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We Clean Sewage Out Of Crawl Spaces

Crawl space in Chicago



We clean sewage out of crawl spaces and we can bill your insurance in somes cases. You need to call people with more experience than anyone cleaning sewage out of crawl spaces and that is us especially in the Chicago area. We get most crawl space sewage estimates that we give out, because we are cheaper, more experienced, and able to fully explain and justify everything that we do.

You should check with your insurance agent to make sure that you have coverage for a sewage spill in your crawl space, before something happens. Sometimes, insurance companies will say that you have coverage for sewage backup in your crawl space, or that you are covered with a pipe break issue. What they won’t tell is that time is a factor. Insurance companies will not cover sewage spills that have been happening over an extended period of time, because it canbe viewed as neglect. Call us out as soon as you notice odors, or something wrong, so that we can check out the crawl space and look for issues.

We recently did a crawl space clean out in Rolling Meadows that had sewage in it for a while. The insurance company said that they would cover it p, before we started doing the sewage clean up. We removed a lot of sewage and waste and the insurance company needed up not covering the work, because the tenant had told the adjuster that the smell had been coming out of the vemts for a while costing the home owner thousands of dollars. We did extend a break to the home owner seeing as it wasn’t his fault and we felt bad about it.

we had ran dehumidifiers, air movers, negative air machines, and air scrubbers down there about a week to eliminate the mold and odor that was coming out of the sewage soaked soil.

We had to had to rake up the sewage,  gravel, and moldy wood np by hand on our bellies, but it is part of what we specialize in. Call 2nd Chance Water restoration of Elmhurst and Addison to get a free estimate, if you are anywhere inthe great Chicago area.

All of our water damage restoration certified technicians are available in Lombard and Chicago 24-7, so call us at 630-546-2239.

Water damage explains many different types of losses caused by water flooding an area that it is not designed to be in. There are many things attributed to water damage like an musty odor, rotting wood, mold growth, rusting of iron and steel, and de-laminating and destruction of other materials like carpet and drywall, etc.

Sometimes the water damage happens slowly over a long period of time and you notice little things like water spots in the drywall, or peeling of drywall. Sometimes that water damages happens in a blink of an eye and causes catastrophic damage like in the instance of a flash flood. Water damage is a major cause of property loss, destruction, and cost no matter how fast it happened.

An insurance policy may, or may not have you covered for your particular water damage issue, but 2nd Chance Water Restoration in Chicago, IL can you help you find the right solution to your water damage, or mold issues no matter what.

2nd Chance Water Restoration can work with and directly bill your insurance company in Elmhurst, or anywhere near Chicago, Illinois, if you are covered, have a claim number, and we don’t even have to collect a cent from you to get going.

All of our water damage restoration certified technicians are available in downtown  Chicago 24-7. We can get anywhere in the greater Chicago area within an hour for a free estimate, so call us at 630-546-2239.

Perhaps the most common cause of water damage to a residential property is the failure of a sump pump, or a backed up sewer line especially in Albany Park in Chicago. Make sure that you speak to your insurance agent about signing an addendum that may be required to get the proper water damage insurance for your basement. This addendum for sump pump coverage will say sewer and drain coverage at the top.

Water damage can happen for a variety of reasons including:

Broken dishwasher hose, clogged toilets, broken/leaking pipes, washing machine failure, broken shower pan, backed up sewers, tree roots clogging the sewer drain, etc. Almost 15% of all water damage happens from plumbing supply line leaks. Only hurricanes cause more water damage than plumbing supply line leaks, so plumbing supply line failure and sump pump issues is definitely toward the top in Addison.

Homeowners, property owners, and business owners in Downtown, Chicago should be judicious in protecting their homes, places of business, and properties from plumbing failure. You should inspect and replace worn pipe fittings, plumbing connections, and hoses to household appliances that use water at least once, or twice a year to avoid future water damage. Don’t forget to check the washing machines, dishwashers, kitchen sinks and bathroom lavatories, refrigerator icemakers, water softeners and humidifiers.

Most people in the loop of Chicago Illinois, do not have insurance that covers water damage caused by bad weather, because it is considered flood coverage, which is usually not covered by homeowners insurance without additional flood insurance

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