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Smoke Damage Cleanup

Smoke damage can be a nightmare even for homes that have minor fire damage. This basement had a small fire due to a live wire and a bad connection near some old insulation. The smoke was think and it made everything in the house stink.

Our fire restoration crew was busy cleaning the smoke damage off the furniture, clothes, carpet and everything else. We also had to do a serious air duct cleaning to get the smoke odor out of the house.

Smoke Damage Is Serious

Smoke kills nearly three times more people than burns do in fires. The smoke damage can also kill long after the fire is out.

These homeowners were not getting great advice from their neighbors. The neighbor was telling them that it is ok to stay in the house and get estimates over the course of weeks. Soot is dangerous, so it’s not a good idea to live with soot or smoke damage. It is a good idea to get estimates, but you should also be out of the home, until it’s clean.

The soot from the burning papers and ceiling tiles filled the air system due to the furnace running at the time. The homeowner had really great air filters, so there wasn’t as much soot in the blower and vents. The returns were a disaster and it took some effort to get them clean.

The heat from the fire in this home caused the wood to warp and the paint to peel in this home. Windows have to get replaced due to heat bending the frame. The neighbor was telling the homeowner to simply paint over the smoke and fire damage. Don’t listen to your neighbors unless they also have a certification with the I.I.C.R.C. for fire restoration. A neighbor with a certification for fire restoration will not tell you to simply paint over it.

Smoke Damage Insurance

Most insurance companies do not have a problem covering smoke damage. Issues tend to arise, when insurance companies want to clean smoke damaged items and homeowners want to replace things with smoke damage.

Make sure you have fire insurance, so you have protection against damage and loss from smoke and other fire damage. Having fire insurance added to your homeowner’s policy is a great idea, so you have additional coverage above your property insurance.

The indoor air quality in this home wasn’t great prior to the fire. It was deadly due to smoke damage prior to our air duct cleaning and fire restoration work was done. The air duct cleaning in this house was done with negative air pressure, Industrial size HEPA vacuums, whip systems and more.

It is a good thing that the homeowners took the fire and smoke damage in their home seriously. The negative health affects that come with having soot and fire damage in your house greatly outweigh the cost of cleaning.

Here is what the EPA says about air duct cleaning, mold and more. Call us for a free quote on air duct cleaning too at 866-575-5814 anytime.