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Palatine Sewage Cleanup

Palatine  covers a lot of ground, but believe it or not, 2nd Chance Water Restoration covers 60038, 60055, 60067, 60074 in their service area. Our service professional is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. A technician certified in water damage restoration will be dispatched to your property and will arrive within an hour. Our company has been drying homes in Palatine and across Chicagoland for years. We are dedicated to stopping storm damage for several more years to come.

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Palatine sewage cleanupbeing dried out!

Cleaning and drying a home after a flood should be done with experience. We use meters to find affected surfaces that would be missed otherwise. Without appropriate techniques, mold and/or bacterial contamination is imminent. Proper drying equipment is essential in flood conditions. Our commercial dehumidifiers work at a rate with three times the efficiency of a home unit. Combined with industrial air movers, they are a must have to bring down the relative humidity inside your home. High humidity in your home allows surfaces not directly affected by the flood to absorb airborne moisture. This natural event has the potential to cause further damage. We also know how to safely sanitize your home. We make your property safe again for your family, employees, and customers.

Once our drying goals are set, we can monitor levels and move equipment to focus on where it is needed most. Changes do arise in our job, as some jobs have several layers, only uncovered as one works. We liken this effect to peeling an onion. Sometimes, even finding evidence of past water damage. The trim at the bottom of your walls often are hiding mold growth, it goes side by side with flooding. Our technicians are also certified in mold remediation, and have plenty of experience at it, as well. Left untreated, mold can spread itself very effectively. All types of mold have a potential to be harmful. 2nd Chance Water Restoration strives to be able to assist on all levels of flood cleanup. We know Palatine counts on us, and our customer reviews show we don’t disappoint.

If you are anywhere in the 60038, 60055, 60067, 60074 area, we want you to know about 2nd Chance Water Restoration and our industry. Too many property owners are unaware of the dependable help they have right in their neighborhood. Whatever company you choose we just want to see our area taken care of, but I encourage you to call 2nd Chance Water Restoration. The right choice in water damage for Palatine.