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Wet Insulation Removal And Why It Is Important

Posted Thu, Nov 17, 2016 in 2nd Chance Water Restoration

This wet insulation could not be saved!

Wet Insulation Removal And Why It Is Important

Wet insulation often times needs to be removed after flood damage has occurred. It depends on the class of water damage and the classification of the job. There is other variables, which we will go into further detail in later in this article, which help determine whether or not wet insulation needs to be removed. Wet insulation does not always have to be removed and it depends upon the determination of the lead technician on the water damage job! The IICRC says that it depends upon the discretion of the water removal company, the class of water and that particular situation. 2nd Chance has plenty of experience on flood jobs and has yet to get into trouble for either leaving wet insulation or for taking out insulation that might have been salvageable.

Wet insulation on this water removal job needed to be removed!

Categories of water and what they mean to insulation!

  1. Category one- Clean water usually from a broken pipe or an overflowed sink. Usually means that the insulation can be dried as long as you can get air movement to it
  2. Category two- A grey water that is from a source such as a dishwasher or laundry machine. Ground water that was filtered by the ground is also a category two water. Wet insulation may be salvageable but should probably be removed.
  3. Category three- A black water usually from sewage. Water from across the ground or water that passes through contaminated or dirty areas are also category three. Wet insulation from category three should always be removed during sewage cleanup!

Other things that determine if you need to remove insulation or not.

  • Air Flow movement to the wet insulation
  • What other building materials that are around the insulation
  • Temperature and humidity of your drying chamber
  • What is most cost efficient
Cost plays a big part into everything water damage related and wet insulation is no different. If it cost more to take it out then you want to try and save it. If it cost more to try and dry the wet insulation in place than it costs to rebuild then you will want to pull it out. Sometimes the wet insulation will be behind really inexpensive paneling so it is not a big deal to remove it. Sometimes you can cut out the bottom four inches of drywall and safely remove the insulation, and simply place new six inch baseboard over the cut drywall. Then you will not need to paint a lot of the time which means if you have insurance pay you for painting you have a choice to what you want to do. It is always nice to have options and that is exactly what we try to do for our customers. 2nd Chance loves giving you options and saving you money. All good restoration companies, and most of them are, would agree with everything here. If you have questions please feel free to call us. wet insulation  


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