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Westmont Structural Drying

Posted Thu, Nov 17, 2016 in 2nd Chance Water Restoration


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Westmont Structural Drying

The water is rushing in!

A flood is usually quite sudden and can happen in any room or any level in a home or business. When flooding begins, the property owner should start with shutting the water supply line off. This will work for faulty appliances and broken pipes, but will not help in sump pump failure or drain backup. Either way, professional help should be your next step, so the water can be pumped out or extracted from your home. A water damage restoration technician should be able to identify the water source in most cases. Sometimes, a plumber is also necessary, 2nd Chance Water Restoration knows reliable plumbers that work in the 60559 area. The source of the water must be identified and corrected to prevent future water damage, and before the property can be properly dried. The water may contain contaminants which makes proper flood cleanup important to maintaining a safe, healthy living environment.

          "How do you know where the water went?"

A water damage restoration technician you can trust will be carrying a meter to measure both moisture content of building materials, and the relative humidity percentage of your indoor air. These tools will allow them to find the extent of the flooding and set drying goals. Also ensuring that any surfaces not drying will be further inspected and your property left dry every time. Some water is trapped by certain building materials and will not dry without removal, exposing hidden saturated surfaces. These percentages are recorded and used to set drying goals for the affected areas. Knowing the severity of the flood's impact helps decide proper drying equipment usage and prevent mold or bacterial contamination. Surfaces left wet can keep the relative humidity percentage from lowering. A number above 60% is a danger zone. Not only does this create an environment prime for mold and airborne contaminants, but that much moisture in the air can be absorbed by other previously unaffected materials. Even the ceiling!

Drying Equipment Rental

2nd Chance Water Restoration has all the latest drying equipment necessary for any Westmont flood cleanup. Often large businesses or even homes will have multiple levels affected by flooding. This takes a lot of machinery to create a successful evaporation and dehumidification result. Sometimes, heat can be applied in special situations to evict the water out of hard to dry materials. High efficiency air movers blow the moisture off of affected surfaces into the air where it can be pulled in by industrial dehumidifiers. Readings are taken throughout the drying process to maintain progress. Equipment can be adjusted to focus on where it is needed most. Equipment is never removed until all drying goals are met. Conventional fans and dehumidifiers do not have the power or design to correctly dry interior structures. Commercial dehumidifiers are rated to pull up to 100 more pints a day than home machines, which are more to maintain an acceptable level, not correct a severe humidity issue. Excess moisture left in the air feeds airborne bacteria, which in turn, has an off-gassing effect. This results in a foul odor inside your home and a decrease of indoor air quality. A correct amount of proper drying equipment can reverse this process.

Safe for rebuild or replacement

Signs of water damage can appear well down the road from the initial flood when the structure is not completely dried. Certain things that you may notice:
  • Slipping/movement of vinyl floor tile
  • Swelling of doorways and trim
  • Mold growth
  • Curved walls or flooring
  • Foul, dank odor
The goal of a certified water damage restoration technician is to make sure a property is dry and sanitary and safe for rebuild. This helps prevent future headache, as well as additional costs.

Safe sanitization after a sewage backup

Only a trained microbial remediation technician should clean your property following exposure from sewage contaminants. Personal protective equipment, containment, and proper cleaning solutions are needed to make process safe for those involved, including your home. Most items will need to be appropriately disposed of to ensure a healthy living environment.  A correct standard of procedure will prevent the spread of hazardous material in your home.


"I have a claim number, can you work with insurance companies?"

2nd Chance Water Restoration loves the chance to continue their ongoing reputation with Westmont insurance companies. Work can begin with just the claim number provided by your insurance agent. After you have made sure you have coverage, you can take pictures of anything you would like to present to your adjuster. Your restoration technician will provide all the other necessary documentation to successfully process your claim. All information given to your adjuster should also be shared with you.

    2nd Chance Water Restoration can respond to the entire Westmont, 60559 area within an hour for a free estimate and inspection. Feel free to review and compare, no matter the choice, we recommend professional water damage restoration services for your Westmont flood cleanup needs.


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