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Water Restoration Emergency In A Chicago Apartment Building

Posted Fri, Apr 27, 2018 in 2nd Chance Water Restoration

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(866) 575-5814 phone-iconAlways Nearby. Call Today! A property management company had a water restoration emergency a Chicago apartment building. They also use 2nd Chance water restoration for work on other properties, so they gave us a call. We've been cleaning up water damage and sewage backup in Chicago for years, so we are ready for anything. Give us a call at 866-575-5814 any time day or night for a free estimate. Our crew got here in the early evening to check out some mold growth in a 2nd floor apartment that was facing Lake Michigan. The mold was also growing all down the outside wall. There was a lack of caulk on the window frame. The mold was growing thick around the window, so that looked like a cause of mold growth. Upon further scope of the issue the tech saw the mold was also growing into the hallway. Walking the grid led the tech down to the first floor and into the basement as well. The basement was actually very warm and humid considering the time of year. Apparently, the water heater had been leaking hot water to the drain for months. Wanting hot water no matter what one of the tenant crank the heat up to as hot as it would go. The property management company had no idea the leak in the basement was even there. The water was running right under this stack of mattresses and rugs that had been left by previous tenants. One of the other tenants wrapped them all in plastic wrap, so he could sell them later on. The rugs and one of the mattresses also had dog urine stains prior to being left soak in the water. Chicago has a reputation for being mighty cold in the winter especially for people in old buildings. Seeing basement walls covered in plastic is not uncommon due to the cold weather. The issue with using plastic to insulate buildings is it helps spread mold growth, if there is water damage issues. Water needs air movement and heat to dry, so a sheet of plastic makes drying things wrapped in plastic harder. Try to avoid using plastic as insulation, so you don't end up having mold growing on it. The plastic was also behind the drywall up the entire three floors of the building. The plastic behind the drywall made it very easy for the water and mold to wick up the insulation.

Cleanup And Dry Water Damage ASAP

The problems in this building were made a lot worse, because the tenants never let the property management company know about the water issue in the basement. Plastic running up the walls and holding in bound water also made this building perfect for mold growth. Mold takes 48-72 hours to grow, so it is important to dry up any basement flooding or water damage issues in your home right away. There are many things that cause mold to grow and different mold grows under different conditions. The water ran in a very small current across the basement, but it also happen to hit the one with insulation. The insulation went up the entire side of the building and so did the mold. The water ran up the insulation over the course of weeks, so mold began to grow on the first floor. The second floor and the third flood also had mold issues from that little bit of water in the basement.

How Cleaning & Drying Water Damage Quickly Saves Money

We got a good start by removing the wet beds, rugs and carpets from the basement after fixing the problem with the broken water heater. Getting the hot water to stop flooding the basement and removing all the wet stuff made a quick difference in humidity. The weather is pretty cold and dry for spring, so opening the window got the humidity to even out quickly. Our crew got the go ahead from the mold test company and began to their work. All the tenants left the building for nearly a week, because the flooding in the basement was a big problem. It was a much bigger problem than they knew. Not calling someone out to fix the broken pipes and cleanup the flooding in the basement cost the building owners many thousands of dollars. The tenants had to live with poor living conditions much longer than they would have. All the stuff they had in storage lockers down in the basement were loss due to water and mold damage. They also had to have everything in their units cleaned. Many of the tenants had to throw away books, papers and more that they had a long time. Secondary damage is no joke, when it comes to water or mold issues. The cost adds up every day and it's a problem that doesn't go away. Water Damage left to dry on it's own often leads to mold. Water damage that is left to do it's thing is a sure way to get mold. It's neglect, so insurance companies don't want to cover the preventable secondary damage from humidity. The secondary damage in this apartment build was over forty thousands dollars once everything was said and done.

Bathroom Fans Can Cause Mold In Your Attic

The tenants on the third floor couldn't stand the humidity that the broken water heater pipe in the basement was causing. They couldn't keep the windows open due to the cold weather. They didn't think about calling the landlord about the humidity, so they just turn on the bathroom fans. Using bathroom fans is a great way to remove humidity from your bathroom or living area of your house. Humidity will level out between open areas. Leaving the fan on in the bathroom will lower humidity in other rooms as long as you leave the doors open. You have to make sure your bathroom fan is properly hooked up and the wet air is going outside. A bathroom fan venting directly into this attic is what got mold to grow. The vent in the attic was open, but the air flow was not enough due to the amount of water in the air. We took out all the insulation in the attic due to the basement water damage. Our tech also help get the bathroom vent setup correctly to push wet air outside. Getting all the wet insulation out and cleaning up the mess was a pleasure. Returning homes to pre-loss conditions is our passion. This was a rewarding job for all of us, because we made a difference in the lives of a lot of people. We also gave this building a second chance.
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Give us a call at anytime at 866-575-5814 for a free estimate anywhere in our service area day or night. We always answer the phone, so you know who to call. Our water restoration crews stay pretty busy, but we also have them do air duct cleaning for people that aren’t having water damage issues. It’s important to clean your air ducts and check your attic for mold every so often. We can help you do both and mold check is always free, when we do air duct cleaning. Here is what the EPA says about air duct cleaning, mold and more. Call us for a free quote on air duct cleaning too at 866-575-5814 anytime.


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