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Water Removal Is Not Always Easy

Posted Thu, Nov 17, 2016 in 2nd Chance Water Restoration

Water Removal Is Not Always Easy

storm water removal wet insulation removal

  I just had the worst job ever! I had to do the water removal of this house in Crystal Lake that had standing water in the basement. I also had to do a ridiculous crawlspace cleaning. I almost wish I had stayed in Chicago that day! There was nine feet of water in a basement and crawl that belonged to a hoarder and it had a sewage backup that filled the whole place. Sewage cleanup sucks already but when you add in over 120 yards of garbage it gets to be a bit much.

flooded basement cleanup A lot of garbage after water removal!

Luckily, I had plenty of good help and was able to do an extraordinarily good job of keeping my cool when I was doing this project. We had seven people there for eleven days just removing a crazy amount of stuff up and down stairs all day! The customer had another company before us trying to pump out the standing water in the basement for six days before they gave up. They didn't know where the water was coming in from and were unwilling to risk life and limb to figure out how four 2 inch pumps couldn't drain out this house in 6 days. I was willing to do what I had to so I suited up with the proper safety equipment and went into the danger zone. It wasn't long before I had found that the expansion tank had broken off the wall and just kept pumping water into the basement.

flooded basement cleanup Broken pipe led to flooding

The customer was so happy that I had figured it out. She didn't think she was covered for flooding and was ready to sell her home after the other company was ready to give up. Since I discovered that her expansion tank had broken she was covered by insurance and she was able to have her insurance cover all but her $500.00 deductible.  It was my worst job ever but the one I take most pride in. I saved her home, made a friend, got a good review and a decent size check from her insurance for a job well done. A little hard work never killed anyone but this job was icky gross. The guys were more than a little grossed out when we had to load all the dumpsters. It was a crazy amount of work to be done. I can't believe the amount of stuff collected. I like sewage cleanup and water removal because I have nothing better to do than water extraction all the time.


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