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Water removal in University Park, TX 75205

Posted Thu, Nov 17, 2016 in 2nd Chance Water Restoration

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Water removal in University Park, TX 75205 has never been so easy as it is now. 2nd Chance Water Restoration is now on the scene in the DFW Metro after becoming the highest rated water removal company in the Chicago area. We have the best reputation in the business for a reason. We respond quickly to all emergency customers to provide free estimates and the best quality work in the business. Our first customer in University Park, TX 75225 that she left us five star reviews on Yelp, Angie's List, The BBB, and Google! Enough with the commercial and time for some water damage restoration knowledge!

Water Damage Restoration In University Park, TX 75205 Water Damage Restoration in University Park, TX 75205!

Every water damage restoration job is completely different from the last. It is pretty much a rule, actually. Homes are different and so are the categories and classes of water damage. The picture to the left is a perfect example of a cat 3 class four job. Pretty much the worst possible thing to happen to your home. What that means is the Category 3 water, which is sewage, is the worst possible kind of water to get into your home. It also means that Class 4 is the worst possible class.

This sewage came from a backup in the second floor bathroom, which means that it affected the second floor as well as the entire downstairs. The entire ceiling, all the walls, and the entire floor was covered with water from the local sewer system. That's right! This home was literally raining in sewage. So much so that the ceiling eventually fell on all the furniture and floor below. When that happened it was discovered that mice had been living between the floors for years!

This is about the most devastating thing that can happen to a home owner as the cost to repair can be incredible. When we arrived on the scene and assessed the situation we quickly found a few set of problems that made this job unique, just as all water damage restoration calls. We determined that the tenants discovered this after a few days of being out of town and they unformed the landlord. The landlord Googled best water removal and called us. Upon arriving we determined that this would most likely described as a sewer backup water loss under the homeowners insurance policy. We told the customer that sewer backup likely means that he would have limited coverage, and then explained the whole billing process. Water Damage Restoration companies and insurance companies both use the Xactimate pricing system. That allows everyone to bill each job pretty much the exact same way. You simply determine the class and category of the water damage and measure everything out. Under that process we informed him that he had suffered an entire loss to the downstairs and and the first two feet of soft building materials upstairs. That he would have to consider the cost of rebuild as well as the water damage restoration costs.

Knowing that he most likely was under covered for his problem we informed him that we would give him options that others would not. Most companies would find out that you have insurance and a claim number and get started regardless of your limits. They would have you sign the assignment sheet which makes you financially responsible for the work to be performed and then they would do great work. They would document, measure and take a picture of everything and put it together for the same big price as all their competition. The cost through Xactimate for this job according to both us and his adjuster was over $12,800.00 to completely sanitize and dry this home. We informed the landlord of all this before we did any work and offered him a flat up front price option that was much lower. The price we gave him was $7500.00 which was quite a savings! Most companies follow the franchise rule as far as discounts go. The big franchises almost never give more than a %15 percent discount of Xactimate so neither does the competition. Our discount was over forty percent!

This is after power washing the frame and before the final mopping

The job was to take four to five days depending on the ease of demo and the pace of drying. We informed the landlord that he could take that time to determine his limits, coverage and course of action. He was amazed with our upfront honesty and promised to make his decision as soon as he got all the necessary information. With that we got started on the sewage cleanup project in his University Park home. We removed all the content and personal property and sorted it for the tenant. Everyone worked together to save as much of their stuff as possible.

Once we had the area cleared of  content we began on the necessary demo work that needed to be done! We started by removing the rest of the ceiling and water filled lights for obvious safety reasons. Then we proceeded to the walls followed by the floors. With sewage water it is important to remove all affected soft building materials. Sewage backup can not be allowed to fester anywhere in the home and must be removed. If this was clean tap water then obviously you would want to dry as much as possible. Sewage water contains disease and filth that can quickly ruin a property and it must be taken seriously. Floors can be saved only if they are tile or painted concrete. Once the frame is exposed we used a power washer to push clean sanitary water through the affected wood to get rid of the contaminants. Clean wood is much better for your home than wood filled with sewage sediment on that we can all agree.

University Park Air Duct Cleaning The air ducts were cleaned and sanitized to remove the sewage.

The air ducts between the floors had sewage run through them to the point that collapsed in certain spots due to the water weight. They obviously needed a cleaning which was not a problem for the air duct cleaning crews at 2nd Chance Water Restoration. We used the best technology available to remove all the debris from the air system. Negative air pressure and high pressured air coil whips result in the debris being removed without further contamination to the home.

The tenants were beyond ecstatic to have all that nastiness removed from their home and their air supply. The rebuilding process has begun and they will be back to normal soon. The landlord did in fact find that he was under limited coverage and was beyond happy to take the upfront price. The savings allowed him to have more money for his rebuild thus limiting his loss a bit. There was previous problems that were previously unknown and taken care during this process. Apparently the mice were as a result of the previous tenants who vacated long ago. 2nd Chance did not charge for the cleaning of the mice droppings and no mice were harmed in the writing of this post.


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