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Water Removal and Flooded Basement Cleanup In Oak Brook

Posted Mon, Dec 12, 2016 in 2nd Chance Water Restoration

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 Water removal and flooded basement cleanup In Oak Brook is something that the experts at 2nd Chance Water Restoration does better than anyone else! Free quotes by the best in the business! Knowing who to call through different emergencies is always a comfort. A company you have used before or been referred to by someone you trust is one of the best tools any property owner can possess. 2nd Chance Water Restoration recommends you review and compare water restoration companies for your water removal and flooded basement cleanup in Oak Brook needs, before you flood. 2nd Chance Water Restoration has been a reliable water removal and sewage cleanup service in the 60523 area for several years. We are here to help! A large percentage of flooded properties we see are a result of sump pump failure drain backup. Regular maintenance/cleaning of both the pump and your drain can be beneficial. Battery backups can be installed in attempt to keep pumps running during a power failure. We often suggest a homeowner replace a sump pump after 3 years as cheap, additional insurance against flooding. Most people may be surprised how easy it is to learn to replace it themselves! Any faulty plumbing should be fixed whenever it is noticed, as well as keeping heat set over 64 degrees during the winter, to protect pipes. Of course, prevention is never 100%, and some floods cannot be prevented. Such as:
  • Broken Pipes
  • Storm Flooding
  • Appliance Malfunction
  • Sewage Backup
Secure Important paperwork, pictures, and valued items in water resistant containers off the ground. Your washer and dryer may be elevated to keep them from flood water, as well as any other sensitive electronics or machines in the basement. Upon inspection, we are keeping an eye out for problem areas. This is to provide you with suggestions on ways to keep from future flooding.

 "What is the fee for an inspection?"

   We care about our customers and always wonder if our neighbors are getting the best help. 2nd Chance Water Restoration can be contacted anytime night or day, 365 days a year. A certified water damage restoration technician is able to arrive anywhere in Oak Brook, within only an hour of your phone call. They will inspect your property and provide an estimate for the drying of your home or business. This will allow you to see an itemized scope of the recommended work needed. You can be assured of our professionalism and knowledge because our technicians are certified by the IICRC(Institute of Inspection Cleaning Restoration Certification). They are responsible for setting our industry standards- We have gone to courses for certification in water damage, mold and bacteria mitigation, and fire/smoke restoration.

"How do you know everything is dry?"

    2nd Chance Water Restoration has the latest in drying equipment technology. Our technicians don't play guessing games- they carry instruments to measure moisture levels in building materials(floors,walls...) and the humidity level in the air. Moisture or humidity levels left at inappropriate levels for a living space can lead to a mold and/or bacterial contamination. This ongoing damage leads to a bigger bill in the end, so time and correct procedures are important. We depend on science to bring your property back to safe, healthy conditions. There are certain percentages where mold and bacteria are unable to thrive. Sixty percent relative humidity and above mark the danger zone in your indoor air. The numbers recorded at the initial inspection allow drying goals to be set. This ensures the property is ready for rebuild without future problems. Rebuilding over wet structure, or leaving wet materials causes bound moisture. That leads directly to mold contamination. A trusted water restoration technician should always be using meters.

 Water damage is assessed by class and category

Flood cleanup is really never straightforward work. Different techniques are applied depending on the size of area affected and the source of the water. Some water has immediate contaminants and should always be safely removed and the property sanitized, both by a professional. These also effect the required drying equipment needed to correctly complete the structural drying. The categories and classifications are as follows:
  • Class 1- Used in cases where a small area has been affected by water
  • Class 2- May describe that some of the floor in a room or two have been flooded
  • Class 3- The highest class, pertains to when most of the ceiling, walls, and flooring of a property have been saturated
  • Category 1- The best case scenario, often from a broken pipe, this is reserved to describe clean water
  • Category 2- This is water that may contain harmful bacteria, rainwater that has passed over the ground or through storm pipes are carrying contaminants
  • Category 3- Hazardous material, such as human waste from your home's plumbing, or raw sewage from the city system- or stagnant water
As water is allowed to set, it changes categories every 24 hours. Elevated moisture and humidity allow for mold and/or bacterial growth quickly. Mold growth can occur within 24-72 hours of settled spores coming into contact with water. High humidity feeds airborne contaminants and creates an off gassing effect, which in turn, causes a foul odor. High moisture levels in building materials can continue to cause damage for a long time.

Class 3 water damage example in Oak Brook

Check us out, Oak Brook

Our crews travel all across the country. We are dedicated to building experience, knowledge, customer satisfaction. Our experience sets us above the rest and you can find our five-star reviews on Google, Yelp, Facebook, and Angie's List. You will also find us an accredited business through the BBB. We are proud to be a local water cleanup business that is hard working, and full of positive attitude.

Proper tools for the job

Water restoration companies use high powered equipment, from the water extraction to the structural drying, the work would not be done right without the machines. Once all the water is removed and necessary surfaces exposed, the air movers can blow the moisture off materials into the air. From there, it will be pulled in by high efficiency dehumidifiers. Lowering the humidity and stopping the water damage, while also improving the indoor air quality.

Professional equipment drying a flooded property in Oak Brook

This carpet needs professional water extraction

"I have a claim number from my insurance company."

2nd Chance Water Restoration has worked with the adjusters of multiple companies, that handle the cases for water removal and flooded basement cleanup in Oak Brook. With just a claim number, work is able to get under way. We recommend you take pictures of anything you want to show has been affected by water damage. Restoration companies will also take pictures and supply all other necessary documentation that will help your adjuster process your claim, and ensure appropriate coverage pertaining to your loss. We are happy to be there and meet with your adjuster at his inspection, to answer questions personally.
    Call 2nd Chance Water Restoration for your Oak Brook property flooding questions or Oak Brook water removal needs. Proudly covering the entire 60523 area.

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