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Water Damage Restoration Chicago Area

Posted Thu, Nov 17, 2016 in 2nd Chance Water Restoration

Water Damage Restoration Chicago Area

Water Damage Restoration We often move pool tables!  

wet insulation removal I hate wet insulation! Doesn't everyone?

NO one wants to come home to find a broken pipe in their home or business! Those same people also do not want to find a bunch of wet insulation all over the place either. Water damage restoration can be one of the most expensive things to have happen to your property. One broken pipe that cost pennies to repair can create thousands of dollars worth of damage to your home in a matter of moments!

water damage restoration Much better!!

water damage restoration ugh!!!

Even though the water source is clean water that can rapidly change once the water starts going across surfaces. You see, if the water rolls over a clean floor that is not a big deal. If the water rolls over a nasty dirty service then the water will quickly become contaminated. I was recently at a water damage restoration in Chicago job that was created by a broken supply line off the back of the toilet. The toilet was on the second floor but the water coming through the ceiling on the first floor looked like coca cola!

water damage restoration Getting it done!!

The reason for that was obvious has the customer owns a bunch of really small dogs that liked to do what all small dogs like to do! They peed everywhere all the time and even though the home owner was meticulous and constantly cleaned the carpets the padding betrayed them. As soon as that three gallons a minute of clean tap water hit that 20 year old puppy pee pad it changed to category three water and made the home temporarily unlivable. Once pee dries the smell will lessen do to the water evaporating out of it. However, when you add the missing ingredient of water then all that pee becomes active and fresh.water damage restoration  By the time the water reached the basement there was a major odor and urine damage problem afflicting the whole home. We thoroughly removed all traces of the water damage by doing proper water removal procedures that you should always follow regardless of how the flooding came to be. The thing about jobs like this,  where all the insulation from the first floor falls out of the ceiling because of a pee flood, they are my very favorite flood cleanup jobs. I know what you are saying. Who could have fun picking up pee soaked insulation?

hazard suit This guy!!

I mean insulation is sticky and hard to get off and totally terrible before the urine damage. Always wear your PPE when doing any kind of sewer backup or otherwise cat three water damage cleanup! Safety first is what we always say! You can never be to safe when you do what we do. I like doing jobs that no one else wants to do. I find the work rewarding by helping people reclaim their property from the terrible messes that we clean. We have the proper skills and equipment and plenty of experience so it is no big deal really. We do get some really cool pictures! Thanks for reading my blog!

wet insulation wet insulation removal in crawlspaces is my very favorite!!


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