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Tinley Park Water Removal

Posted Thu, Nov 17, 2016 in 2nd Chance Water Restoration

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Tinley Park water removal is a focal point of 2nd Chance Water Restoration and it's expert flood cleanup crews! We are available 24/7 for your water removal needs! We dutifully served Tinley Park hundreds of times over the years with very consistent results. 2nd Chance Water Restoration has the highest ratings of any water damage company around. We have experience helping people with flood damage cleanup that other service professionals simply do not have. We have yet to let any of our customers down as our A+ rating with the Chicago BBB can attest.

Tinley Park water removal has taken place and drying has begun!

If you are from Tinley Park you know that flood damage happens on occasion and usually such occasions occur from sewer backups and sump pump failures. Sewage cleanup has to be done right to prevent mold growth from occurring. Flooding in your home is expensive and quickly can run into the thousands and mold remediation is even more expensive when it is necessary.

Tinley Park can rely on 2nd Chance Water Restoration to use all the proper steps when called upon for mold removal. There are many steps involved in proper mold remediation and we could spend a week listing all the different things that each particular situation calls for. To give you and idea of what mold removal after flooding calls for we will provide a quick run down of the basics here. We have all the air scrubbers and negative air machines that any mold project could need. We will set up containment to prevent cross contamination in your home from expanding your mold problems. 2nd Chance will safely remove and double bag any moldy materials so it can be disposed of in an efficient manner. Then we will HEPA vacuum until every trace of dust is obliterated from our now clean environment. We will leaver the air purifying machines for as long as needed and then turn them off, allowing the dust to settle for twenty four hours. We will then vacuum and clean again so all the dust that settled is properly removed. The area should then be ready for any air testing to be done so that you know the problem was fixed right.

Mold growing in a perfect environment can rapidly take over a property!

Point being, if water invades your home or business then you should get water removal by 2nd Chance Water Restoration done immediately to prevent mold growth from occurring like the picture to the right.  2nd Chance can and will do every thing that is required to healthy fix any restoration situation that you may need. Tinley Park can be assured that we have our customers best interest has our main focus. We will serve you and your home as if it was our own home. Bottom line is that if you are having a bad day experiencing flooding in your home then you probably should kick back and give you and your home a 2nd Chance! 2nd Chance does not do rebuilds of any kind and has no motivation other then to continue delivering our customers great results. We take our job as mitigation experts seriously and understand or whole purpose is to stop the damage and save you money. If we continue to do that for Tinley Park and the surrounding suburbs when we are called on for water removal we will achieve spreading the good word on our local family owned business. We are proud to serve Tinley Park and hope you never flood.


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