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Sump Pump Failure Cleanup

Posted Thu, Nov 17, 2016 in 2nd Chance Water Restoration

Sump Pump Failure Cleanup

Sometimes when we get to a water removal job we quickly realize that is more than the normal amount of emotions involved. The other day was a perfect example of that. We received a phone call from a customer referred to us by her plumber. Having no previous affiliation with this plumber I had to ask why he chose us and what kind of referral fee he wanted? He said he did not want anything but excellent service from us for his customer. He found us because of our ratings online in comparison to other water damage restoration companies.. He informed us that this nice lady would be calling us to cleanup the flood damage in her childhood home. Her mother had recently passed and she is in the process of trying to sale the home. She lives out of town and was informed by her realtor that the home flooded right has it was going onto the market. We understood completely what the plumber wanted and why he called us. It was the first time in awhile were I have felt pressure doing a sump pump failure cleanup. The customer had spent much of her life in this lovely Lagrange Park home and it had given here a lot of memories that we now had to salvage. It takes a lot of effort job in and job out to perform at a high level, no matter what you do, and this job presented some stiff challenges. Some of those challenges were previous water problems to the affected areas. Electric was not up to code and buried in the walls we now had to open. There was a lot of personal content from over fifty years in this basement. Her father's world war army jacket had to be the first thing we moved to safety. Her mother's nice dresses also had to go upstairs as well.

Lagrange Park flood cleanup safely removing content from the affected area

You just have to take your time when dealing with a water removal job where there is a bunch of content that is salvageable. When we are at a home or business doing work we will often tell our customers about the five dollar rule and if they want us to apply it. We will ask time and again if there is anything that we should keep an eye out for. One of our biggest fears is to accidentally discard a keepsake. The five dollar rule is that as we sort the content from a basement we will eyeball everything as we go and if we see something that still has value we will alert the owner before discarding. It is very important for us to save as much stuff for our customers as we can and we take that very seriously. This job has been cleaned to the best of our abilities and is in day three of the drying and so shall be done tomorrow barring any complications. I like to write about some of the work that we do so that I can remind myself and our staff some of the lessons we have learned. It is great to be certified like we are, but the lessons we learn in the field is what makes us better. If you are not trying to improve then you are getting worse. Five stars everywhere and only focused at getting better!          


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