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Sewer Backup And Flood Cleanup In Chicago

Posted Thu, Nov 17, 2016 in 2nd Chance Water Restoration

Sewer Backup And Flood Cleanup In Chicago

We had received a call from John The Plumbing Doctor concerning a water removal job in Chicago that was caused by a sewer backup. John is an excellent plumber who looks out for his customers has best as he can and he saw a problem that is right up our alley. The Plumbing Doctor (630-936-1157) knew we would respond promptly and give his customers a free estimate that would save them money. We wound up beating our competition by almost a thousand dollars and saved the customer good money while doing good work. This will be a run down of this particular water removal job from start to finish.

sewage removal The Source of the Water Damage

Apparently a broken pipe off of the ejector pump had a sprung a leak that no one noticed for awhile. Mold has set in extensively but that is no problem for the experienced and certified water damage restoration technicians at 2nd Chance! you see, we are all certified in water damage restoration and applied microbial remediation so it does not matter what we find when we show up to a sewer backup. Applied microbial remediation is a fancy way of saying mold removal professional. The leak from the broke pipe did what leaks from broke pipes are know for. It got worse and leaked more water until the owner noticed the flooded basement.

The other walls were not much better

The home was right off of western and division in the 60612 which is an area that does get a lot of sewer backups. The problems were not limited to the mold walls as the floors had a little basement flood cleanup that was needed. We knew we had to extract the water because that is like 90 percent of the water removal process. water damage restoration sewer backup flood damage cleanup flood damage cleanup

flood damage cleanup looks a little gross

In order to cleanup sewage like this it pays to have good equipment and a little no how! We do not mess around when we have to remove sewage of off floors so we called in the truck!

water removal in Chicago Truck mount water extraction!

The cold makes our job a little more difficult because you have to worry about ice formations during a water removal job. Safety is always the most important thing for us and our customers. 2nd Chance carries bags of salt and a snow shovel in each truck during winter to make sure that no one falls on ice. water removal water removal water removal water removal What is good at cleaning raw sewage up off the floor? How about steaming hot water mixed with sanitizer that is automatically sucked up and out of the property? That always sounds great when you are doing or needing the flood cleanup. We actually get paid to do something cool like helping people feel better while using really cool equipment! It is always a good rewarding feeling to clean something good. We all want someone who likes their job doing the work for us, water extraction water removal during a flood cleanup water removal water removal We all want to live in a clean home free of poop on the floors. When water intrudes into your home and you are feeling down you need to make the right decisions to recover your happiness. You and your property deserve a 2nd Chance at happiness. We will make your dark day a little bit brighter. We have five stars everywhere for a reason. We care!

water extraction It is like a poop eraser!

It does not matter if you are on the west side or the south side. It does not matter if you are on the north side or by the lake. We will respond to give you a free estimate just as fast as we can. We know it is important to get the water out and the equipment in as fast as possible. We know that you are having a bad day so we go out of our way to always have a proper attitude. It would be unacceptable to the people of this company to cause further stress to our clientele. Water removal done right and for less! water removal water removal water removal water removal 2nd Chance Water Restoration is a locally owned Chicago business filled with people who loves this area and it's people. Why call a franchise where you might get someone who knows water damage restoration and you might get someone who doesn't? We pride ourselves in reputation and can't or won't allow ourselves to let ANYONE down! We want to be the most liked, shared and preferred service company in Chicago. Spread the word we will not let you or anyone you refer down. We just really like stars!!    


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