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Sauk Village Restoration

Posted Mon, Sep 24, 2018 in City

There is only one best choice for your Sauk Village restoration needs and that is 2nd Chance Water Restoration. The reason we are the best choice for water restoration in Sauk Village is due to our history with the town. We have been cleaning up flood damage in the Sauk Village area for nearly two decades. We are always open so Call (866) 575-5814 for a FREE estimate in Sauk Village for water and fire restoration anytime.

Basement flooding in Sauk Village

We got a call for basement flooding in Sauk Village recently so we took the pictures below there. You can see the wet insulation is still hanging in this picture so that is why we had to remove the drywall. We have to take out the walls, when the insulation behind the wall gets wets. This type of insulation is never the same after it gets wet so it needs to come out. There is also a high chance for mold growth, when you try to dry this type of insulation. It is never fun to cut out drywall but it also usually necessary or we don't do it.

We are certified in water restoration and we also use the latest moisture reading technology in the industry. Part of our FREE estimate is helping you determine how wet your walls and floors are. Using the best tools and experience in the industry allows us to show you in a hurry how to best dry your home. We can dry any home with 2-3 days no matter how wet it is or what the power situation is. 2nd Chance Water Restoration dries homes in Sauk Village better than anyone.

Call (866) 575-5814 for immediate professional help with your water, sewage, or mold damage needs in Sauk Village Illinois!

The greater Chicago land area's best choice for water damage, sewage cleanup, and mold removal services is 2nd Chance Water Restoration.

Here are some tips to help you avoid water damage in your Sauk Village home:

1.) regular maintenance on your plumbing and roof

2.) replacing your sump pump every 2-4 years

3.) do not buy the cheap sump pumps

4.) rodding your drains and sewer pipe every year, or so depending on your conditions

5.) avoid flushing baby wipes, paper towels, and feminine products

6.) check your windows, door jams, and foundations for signs of water damage frequently

7.) regularly inspect gutters, downspouts, and window wells to make sure there is no blockage and proper draining

8.) check the backs of appliances and look at the plumbing, or water supply lines to check for leaks and corrosion

9.) make sure windows and doors are closed when it is raining especially those leading to the basement

10.) run a slow drip through your plumbing supply lines and into the drains during the winter to keep water moving, so as to prevent freezing of the pipes

11.) keep your cabinet doors on outside walls that have plumbing supply lines in them open during the winter a little bit, because they can freeze even if the room is 70 degrees. Drafts and poor insulation can lead to plumbing supply lines freezing enough to break in an otherwise warm room.

Water Restoration in Sauk Village

Water restoration in Sauk Village was what the Chicago insurance company told us on the phone, so we knew what to expect. This water restoration call came in due to a cat that knows how to turn on a sink. The homeowners cat likes to play with the sink in this Sauk Village home's kitchen so it can get a fresh drink. On the day of the flood the homeowner had left a rag and some dishes in the sink while in a hurry for work. It was about a week after the flood, when the homeowner saw the cat playing with the sink again.

Call (866) 575-5814 for immediate professional help with your water, sewage, or mold damage needs in Sauk Village, Illinois!

Facts about water damage in Sauk Village:

1.) The average water damage restoration job in Sauk Village, Illinois costs in excess of $1,000.00.

2.) Plumbing supply line system failures are one of the leading causes of water damage in Sauk Village, Illinois.

3.) Sewer backups in Sauk Village, Illinois tend to happen to everyone with a basement especially those on the corner of the block and those with a lot of things on the do not flush list regularly going down the drains.

4.) Older homes tend to have more water damage issues especially with shower pans and drains going bad due to time and the use of harsh cleaning supplies.

5.) Water heaters tend to break within the first fifteen years and the chances of a water heater failing increases dramatically after 5 years.

6.) Homes over 30 years of age are way more likely to have issues with their sewer drains and plumbing supply lines.

7.) How fast you attend to water damage has a direct impact on how much damage can be averted.

8.) sewage backup and other water damage expenses go up in finished basements.

Rebuild and remodel in Sauk Village

This Sauk Village rebuild and remodel work was something the homeowners had no choice about due to sewage backup. The sewage backup meant everything in the basement had to come out, so the homeowners went with tile. They also put in a sewer backflow valve to eliminate sewage backup in the future. Getting tile was a great investment due to the way it resists water and sewage damage.

2nd Chance Water Restoration will give you a FREE estimate for rebuild and remodeling work in the Sauk Village area. Our rebuild team is always looking for more projects to do so give us a call anytime. You don't even need to have water and fire damage to get a FREE estimate for remodeling.

Our rebuild team will do all types of construction and remodeling work so give us a call for more info anytime.

2nd Chance Water Restoration proudly serves Sauk Village & surrounding areas:

Check out our entire Service Area so you can see how far outside Sauk Village we go. We provide FREE estimates to Sauk Village for water damage, sewage cleanup, and mold removal.

Here is what the EPA says about air duct cleaning, mold and more. Call us for a free quote on air duct cleaning too!

This image is from a commercial water restoration project in Sauk Village from a couple months ago. The water main broke outside this warehouse so the whole building had a couple inches of water in a hurry. It was amazing especially with the amount of drainage in the building. The amount of water going through this place was just insane.

This home in Sauk Village had water damage due to a backup in the sewer system. The sump pump was unable to keep up due to the amount of water it had to deal with. It was bad timing mixed with a little bad luck, so it felt great to help them get back to normal.

We got there within an hour of the phone call, so the water damage was able to get clean up quick. Give us a call if you have basement flooding or other water damage in Sauk Village at (866) 575-5814.



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