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Northbrook Water Damage

Posted Thu, Nov 17, 2016 in 2nd Chance Water Restoration

  2nd Chance Water Restoration is the company to call, if you are suffering a water damage emergency in Northbrook, IL! Call 24-7 866-575-5814 for a free estimate. We will arrive in about an hour The service professional that arrives at your Northbrook property will be IICRC certified in Water Restoration, Applied Microbial Remediation (mold), and most likely Fire Restoration by the IICRC. Water damage counts for over two thirds of the insurance claims in Northbrook Illinois, so it pays to keep your property in good condition and to hire 2nd chance water restoration, if you should happen to have an unfortunate water damage disaster. We can work with your Northbrook and Chicago area insurance companies directly and bill them directly. We are often suggested, if not preferred by a lot of local insurance companies. Most of our service professionals have been working and providing water damage restoration, flood cleanup, sewage cleaning, Mold Remediation and fire restoration in Northbrook and the entire Chicago land area for many years. We have three certified technicians that got started in the carpet cleaning and water restoration industry all the way back in 1998! We have done hurricane and major storm work around the country from Texas to New York to Florida, but most of our work is done right in the Northbrook and greater Chicago area. Call 2nd Chance for information on Black mold or flood cleanup, or anything related to those topics at 866-575-5814! Our LinkedIn page can show you the type of support that we have on the world's largest professional networking site: 2nd Chance Water Restoration of Chicago. We have reviews on Google and Yelp from floods that we cleaned up in the Northbrook area all the way to Wisconsin, Tennessee, and a few other far off places due to storm damage cleanup work that we have done. You see can a video on YouTube that explains about customer satisfaction results in the Northbrook area below: There is only one company that should be called in Northbrook, when there is a water damage emergency near you and that is 2nd Chance Water Restoration. We have the best equipment that you can have in the industry. We use the best and most up to date techniques, because we constantly strive to learn by taking continuing education and new certification classes through the IICRC.  We learn something at every property that we visit whether that property is in Northbrook, Aurora, Bloomingdale, Addison, South Holland, or Chicago. Does 2nd chance water restoration of Chicago provide their professional water damage restoration and sewage cleanup services to the Northbrook, Illinois area? In a word: yes! 2nd chance water restoration actually takes great provide in providing our water damage services to Northbrook Illinois and the surrounding Chicago land areas. Call 2nd chance water restoration of Lombard Illinois for your free estimate with a complete and through assessment of your damages included at 866-575-5814!!! We have thermal imaging cameras and moisture meters and other detection devices to helps find water behind cabinets, floors, and walls without tearing the place all up before hand! We can show you where the water is without moving a thing in your Northbrook property.   Some facts about Northbrook: Northbrook is an affluent village on Chicago's North Shore, located at the northern edge of Cook County, Illinois, United States. When incorporated in 1901, the village was known as Shermerville in honor of Frederick Schermer, who donated the land for its first train station. The village changed its name to Northbrook in 1923 as an effort to improve its public image. The name was chosen because the West Fork of the North Branch of the Chicago River runs through the Village.   We have done water damage and mold remediation work for schools, churches, dental offices, and many other businesses in Northbrook over the years. We have done work all up down Lake Cook Road, Pfingsten, and Dundee road respectively. Water damage in Northbrook Illinois can be dangerous and especially costly to your home, business, or commercial building. Our service professionals can service all your water damage needs in Northbrook Illinois by drawing on their experience, IICRC training and master skill level in customer service. Call 2nd chance water restoration at 866-575-5814, so our service professionals can fill your local Northbrook Illinois water damage restoration service work needs! Some of the most common causes of water damage in Northbrook Illinois are a result of broken pipes, over flowing toilets, broken supply lines, bad sump pumps, foundation cracks, storm damages and power outages.   Call 2nd chance water restoration of Northbrook Illinois for your free water damage restoration, sewage clean, or applied microbial remediation-mold damage assessment and estimate at 866-575-5814. Make sure to do the following things in Northbrook to help prevent flooding in your home, or business:
  • Maintain your gutters and down spouts
  • Keep your sump pumps in good condition
  • Don't let your pipes freeze in these cold Northbrook winters by keep a slow drip going in your sinks and tubs
  • Make sure your drains in your window wells are free of leaves and able to drain properly.
  • Call a plumber, if you notice slow draining in your sinks, toilets, or tubs.
  • Call a plumber, if you notice a foul smell coming from your sewer drain, or you already dumped some water and an antimicrobial in it recently.
  • Get your sewer line cleaned out by a plumber, if you have a lot of trees and bushes around your main sewer line and it has been a while.
Plumbing supply line failures are a huge part of the insurance claims filed in Northbrook and surrounding areas, because plumbing supply lines break from time to time for a variety of reasons. Facts to know about water damage issues in Northbrook Illinois: 1.) most water heaters fail within 12 years of installation. 2.) most water damage claims in Northbrook Illinois exceed $2,500.00 3.) most water damages issues in this local area are caused by faulty toilets, bad sewer pipes, drainage issues. 4.) homes over 30 years old are more likely to have plumbing supply line issues in Northbrook. 5.) water damage issues involving sewage and finished basements tends to cost a lot more than category one supply line leaks in unfinished basements in Northbrook, Illinois. Call 2nd chance water restoration of Northbrook for your free water, sewage, or mold damage estimate at 866-575-5815 We make sure that all of our service pros are well trained, equipped and ready to help you with your sewage, water and mold damage needs whether you are in Northbrook, or any of the other local Illinois towns, cities, or suburbs. We clean sewage from any small craw space, or water damage from any large industrial building with equal enthusiasm and concern for our customers needs. The best mold prevention that one can do is to completely dry the water damaged home, or business as quickly as possible.              


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