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New Lenox Mold Remediation

Posted Thu, Nov 17, 2016 in 2nd Chance Water Restoration


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Floods both big and small can cause mold growth in your home

When it comes to a mold spore count in your home, the best you can hope for is a level equal to or lesser than outside. This means there are always settled spores on surfaces, just waiting for water to be able to thrive. Visual mold growth can happen within a day if the area has flooded before and was not dried properly. Most often in affected spaces that create bound moisture. In the first flood, water is trapped and allowing the spores to feed undisturbed. this usually spreads behind the wall or trim along the floor. A little spot of mold on the front of a wall can be a sign of a huge contamination on the other side. A second flood will allow it to spread further because mold spores are both hydrophobic and hydrophilic. This means they react defensively to water, as well as benefiting from it as well. In defense, it spews spores into the air in attempt to stay present, the same effect occurs with improper handling of visual mold growth. This is what makes a professional water damage restoration company so important. 2nd Chance Water Restoration proudly includes New Lenox in its service area.

Mold needs six things to Thrive

Contamination found behind wall in New Lenox

  • PH
  • Time
  • Food
  • Light
  • Oxygen
  • Water
All these things at different levels effect how well mold can grow. It uses organic materials as food, like the paper on your drywall. Mold can grow in light, a popular belief is that mold only grows in the dark. This started because most mold was found in dark places unable to be cleaned, but more importantly, unable to dry. Organic building materials left saturated can grow mold in 24-72 hours if not addressed by a professional water damage restoration technician. Proper contamination, careful removal of building materials, and appropriate cleaning solutions are essential to providing a clean, healthy environment.

"Oh no, That is the bad kind of mold isn't it"

All types of mold have the potential to be harmful. This does not necessarily mean all people will have a negative reaction to mold, however. The individuals most at risk are the elderly, young, and those with an immune deficiency. The symptoms can be as minor as a stuffy nose, or sore throat, so you may have had reactions and attributed it to something else. The spores are respirable, which means they can easily be breathed in. This can make some people quite ill. Certain mold is known to be carcinogenic after prolonged exposure. It is always important to have mold professionally removed from your home, even if the affected area seems to be insignificant. Professional applied microbial remediation technicians will be wearing personal protective equipment during mold removal to protect against any spores that aerosolize. Also, containment barriers are set up to protect the rest of your home from contamination. Machines equipped with HEPA filters rated at 99.97% efficiency are placed in the area to "scrub" the air and improve your indoor air quality.

Mold given the "Six to Thrive"

Mold does not have to occur with every flood

When you request an inspection and free estimate from 2nd Chance Water Restoration for New Lenox water damage, the certified technician then has a scope of work planned to prevent mold from ever having a chance to develop. Given a chance to dry your structure correctly, an experienced water damage company can leave your property both dry and sanitary. Water is detected with moisture meters to ensure efforts are concentrated efficiently. With the necessary, affected surfaces exposed- drying equipment rental is available to bring down humidity and moisture percentages. With acceptable levels, mold is unable to grow. Mold already present can be either cleaned or carefully removed during flood cleanup.

Finding where the water went

"I already have a dehumidifier and fans"

Drying equipment from a reputable water damage restoration company is far different from conventional home equipment . Home dehumidifiers are designed to maintain an already reasonable level of relative humidity, and cannot correct the percentage levels associated with flooding. When rented through 2nd Chance Water Restoration, the drying equipment will be set up, taken down, and monitored for you, as well. Correct placement through the drying process makes sure your home or business is dried in a timely manner. The proper equipment is vital in preventing the development of mold. Water left in the air can be absorbed by other materials not directly contacted by the flood. While also feeding airborne bacteria, which then have an off-gassing effect, that leave a foul odor in your home or business. The correct usage of dehumidifiers reverses this effect, stopping the odor.

Drying equipment doing the work in New Lenox

Immediate Contaminants

The source of water in a flood has a lot to do with how New Lenox Flood cleanup is approached. A sewage backup will spread bacterial contamination upon contact. Most materials and surfaces cannot be saved. Professional help is increasingly important for you and your family's health and safety. Bacterial contamination has more than one way of being able to enter your system: Puncture- Oral- Transdermal. We strongly recommend you use an experienced technician from a water damage restoration company for New Lenox sewage cleanup.

"Are you able to work with my insurance"

Following a flood New Lenox residents should contact their insurance company to inquire about flood coverage. If the event is covered, pictures should be taken to present to your adjuster. All that is needed for work to begin is a claim number provided by your agent. From there the technician will stay in contact with your adjuster and provide the necessary paperwork to process your claim quickly. This helps your adjuster understand the margins of your coverage needs. The company should also make sure to include you with the same information they provide your insurance company.

Call 2nd Chance Water Restoration for your professional New Lenox flood cleanup needs. Service industry expert available 24/7, ready to serve across the 60451 area.


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