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Naperville Fire & Water

Posted Fri, Jun 15, 2018 in City

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(866) 575-5814 phone-iconAlways Nearby. Call Today! This Naperville fire & water damage was due to a Christmas tree mishap. The fire damage upstairs was bad. All the water damage in the basement was worse. A Christmas tree in the first-floor family room went up in flames due to a bad setup. Make sure to keep you Christmas lights in good shape and don't use one with bad spots. Two people had to go to the hospital due to the fire and smoke injuries. Fire crews from Bolingbrook and Warrenville had to help fight the fire. Injuries were minor, so the focus was soon on the fire and water damage. Water damage happens after Joliet fire damage due to fighting the fire. You need water to fight fire. Therefore, there is almost always water damage with any fire. You can see the smoke damage on the carpet. It left outlines where there were boxes and furniture. The framing was not bad due to the insulation and ceiling tiles.

Naperville Water Damage Restoration

This Naperville water damage restoration work is due to a fire in a commercial space upstairs. The water from fighting the fire came down through the ceiling. There was a lot of commercial water damage, so this was a big loss. Our crews are always ready to provide Naperville water damage restoration services. We also provide completely free estimates for Naperville water damage restoration. Our emergency water restoration services in Naperville are always open, so call anytime. Our crew put the air movers pointing at the walls and ceiling, so there was a lot of air flow. The ceiling and walls were dry in a couple days preventing any mold growth.

Naperville Air Duct Cleaning

Our crew gives free Naperville air duct cleaning quotes, so give us a call to schedule an estimate today. Air duct cleaning in Naperville makes a big change in indoor air quality. It really makes a difference, if you have pets, allergies or it's been a while between cleaning. Getting the air duct clean every three to four years at least is a good idea. The more people and pets in the house the more you need to clean the air ducts. We use negative air pressure, whip brushes and big HEPA vacuums to do our air duct cleaning. Air duct cleaning needs to be done right due the difference it can make in health. Here is what the EPA says about air duct cleaning, mold and more. Call us for a free quote on air duct cleaning too!

Fighting Fire Floods Basement

This basement in Naperville has flooding issues due to the fire upstairs. The fire fighters put a lot of water on the fire, so it went to the lowest level. Sump pumps were pumping the water out, but the water damage was done. There was a lot of bound water in the wood and other building materials. Our first goal was to get all the standing water, insulation, cardboard and wet carpet taken care of. We were able to get all that cleanup done in a couple hours. The drying equipment was going within a couple hours, so the home could dry within 48 hours. Fast drying prevents mold growth, so we use a lot of heat and air flow on every water cleanup.

Furnace Cleaning In Naperville

Here you can see our HEPA vacuum setup for a furnace cleaning in Naperville. The big blue tube is where we pull everything out of the air ducts during the cleaning. There is a big filter and bag for debris in that big vac. We use a big HEPA vacuum like, so we can properly clean air ducts. Beware of people that are not using the best equipment to do air duct cleaning in Naperville. It takes more than a shop vacuum and a brush to do air duct cleaning right.


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