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Mother Nature Teases Spring Causes Water Damage In Chicago

Posted Fri, Apr 20, 2018 in 2nd Chance Water Restoration

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(866) 575-5814 phone-iconAlways Nearby. Call Today! Chicago is known for being the Windy city and has been for a long time. There is also a huge debate over the history of Chicago's nickname. No one can debate over the unpredictable or hostile weather though. Every year there are flooded basements in Chicago, because people turn their heat off a few days or even weeks early. Therefore, it is important to protect your home against water damage during seasonal changes.

Frozen Pipes Causing Water Damage In Spring?

The insurance commercials about knowing a thing or two, because they have seen a thing or two are true. We are seeing a lot of water damage claims due to frozen pipes this spring in Chicago. People are turning the heat off, because it's warm during the day. The problem is it also freezes at night. It doesn't take that much to cause freezing pipes in homes, if the heat isn't working or shut off. These types of water damage are not always covered by insurance companies due to the heat being off. Insurance companies have a clause in your water damage insurance that you agree to keep the heat on. These Chicago area homeowners turned off their heat due to the warmer weather last week. Mother nature did not have enough of the cold, so she gave us another night below freezing. The temperature never dropped below the high twenties, but it was cold enough to freeze the pipes causing their house to flood. Here are some images from a house that had flooding due to frozen pipes in April:

Turn Your Water Supply Off If You Leave Town

These homeowners also went out of town for the weekend, so the water completely filled their basement over 8 feet deep. They didn't know to turn their water supply off, when leaving town. Their experience is a common story, so take note. The water damage destroyed their furnace, water heater, washer and dryer in their basement. Water was also sitting there for a few days, before they found about it, so mold growth began. We were able to clean the air ducts and remove the mold from their air system enough to pass a mold test with flying colors, so that was good. It's also a good idea to turn the water off, when you leave for a few days or more in the Summer too! All kinds of silly things can happen and cause a house to flood.

Dry Your Home ASAP After Water Damage

It is always important to get to the drying process as soon as possible, when you have a water damage emergency due to risk of mold growth. You will also avoid a lot more secondary water damage by getting the drying process going right away. Water spreads. That is what it does. Water is always moving to the lowest possible point, so it damages everything on the way. Water does travel through wood and other building material. Bound water can destroy your home and furniture, so applying heat and drying air is top priority. Insurance companies want you to get estimates and start the drying process right away. That is why most water restoration companies in Chicago offer 24-7 emergency service. If you have a claim number, then you are also typically good to get going on drying. You save the insurance company a lot of money by getting to the drying process right away, so that shouldn't be a concern.
No Floating Floors In Basements:
These Chicago homeowners also the mistake of putting floating floor in their basement. The problem with basements especially basements in the Chicago area is they are going to flood at some point. It's not a question of it, but a question of when basements in Chicago flood. Tile is always worth the extra investment, because it's not affected by water damage. Water gets between the floating floor, the padding and concrete, so drying it is not really possible. You would have to floor so hot to dry it would probably melt or start a need for fire restoration estimates too. The Dehumidifier above is adding heat and also taking moisture out of the air. Heat is an important element in the drying process. The LGR dehumidifiers and air movers that we rent dry homes very quickly. Drying water damage as quickly as possible by dropping the relative humidity decreases secondary damage. Limiting your secondary damage also tends to save you a lot of money too. We have done a lot of flood restoration and remodeling work due to little plugs or valves on toilets breaking while people are away. A small leak or even a small amount of water can do a very significant amount of damage, if it isn't dealt with right away. Mold only takes 48-72 hours to start to grow, so we are always have crews ready to go for a free estimate 24-7 every day of the year. Call (866) 575-5814 for a free water restoration estimate in Chicago anytime.


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