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Mold Removal After Flood Damage

Posted Thu, Nov 17, 2016 in 2nd Chance Water Restoration

Mold Removal After Flood Damage

We recently happened upon a job that had mold damage before the lady even noticed her basement was flooded. It is not entirely uncommon for people, especially single elderly people, too not go into their basement very often. If you have no reason to go down then why go down? Mold will grown after water damage occurs within 24 to 72 hours according to the IICRC. So if you have a small pipe leak like this poor old lady then you might not notice before mold occurs. Our Chicago flood damage cleanup crews are available 24/7!

Mold Happens! Got Mold?

Sometimes you might get a little water and not even know by the way things look as the picture above demonstrates. Mold will grow behind the baseboards and not above quite often. The mold removal industry used to believe that this was because mold did not grow as well in the light. Turns out that mold does not like air movement. When a breeze comes along the mold releases it's spores. Without the buildup of mold spores occurring then you would not be able to see mold because of how small it is. it is not until a colony has formed will you be able to see it with the naked eye! When you pop of the baseboards and see the mold is also when the mold will start releasing it's spores. If you are the person taking it off you need to stop immediately and get the right supplies to finish the job correctly.

Air Scrubbers are essential on jobs where mold can be found!

If you are the homeowner and a do it yourselfer you will want carpet shield to cover the mold so that the spores are trapped between the adhesive and the dry wall. Air Scrubbers or negative air machines are important to capture any spores that could be possibly in the air. After you are convinced that you have the mold contained and that you have the proper PPE then you may continue with the demolition. When dealing with mold make sure to wear your respirators because your body can not filter out the spores.

Proper PPE is essential when doing mold removal!

This poor old lady was lucky she called the guys that are known for helping people and not some fly by night company. Mold removal can be even more expensive than flood damage cleanup quickly costing into the thousands. We have a reputation for saving our customers in comparison to other Water Damage Restoration companies. We quickly diagnosed the situation and got it under control for her. We set up the negative air machines and made the property safe again. When dealing with water and mold and everything terrible it makes a difference to get someone who cares for help. Sorry that it happened to you and our primary goal is always to make you feel better and recover as possible. Call 2nd Chance Water Restoration when you discover flood damage or mold removal needs and we will respond promptly. Thanks for the read!!!  


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