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Look Out For Bound Water

Posted Thu, Nov 17, 2016 in 2nd Chance Water Restoration

Look Out For Bound Water

When doing a Water Removal project you have to account for the bound water when the drying process begins. Building materials are typically porous, and when in contact with flood water the more porous materials may not be salvageable. Building materials that are salvageable are less porous so less water is absorbed; however, because of this characteristic, the absorbed moisture does not pass through the material easily, making salvageable building materials generally difficult to dry. Water on the surface of material with low porosity quickly evaporates; however, because air movement cannot reach inside the material, a different approach to the removal of the absorbed water held inside material (bound water) is more effective than previous approaches.

flood damage cleanup Taking off baseboards is a common procedure to help dry bound moisture.

This method (drying bound water after removing unsalvageable building materials) emphasizes a specific type of dehumidification equipment, a changing approach to the utilization of air movement, and an increased role of temperature. Evaporating water within salvageable building material can be best accomplished by increasing the vapor pressure differential, which is the force created between the moisture in the affected material compared to the amount of water vapor removed in the affected air. What that means is that if you have cold wet walls and floors but the air is really warm and dry the moisture that is stuck in the materials will want to join the dry warm air,

flood damage cleanup Equipment is ready to be placed as soon as possible!

We do most off our Flood Damage Clean-up in Chicago but occasionally we have to help Packer fans. The most important thing when drying a property is the correct placement of the necessary equipment and making sure it runs for the appropriate amount of time.  No one wants sewage in their home but sewage backups do happen and that creates a lot of problems. One of the problems that people do not usually think of is the damage hidden behind walls and vanities. If you do not do the flood cleanup right then you will need a mold service. 2nd Chance Water Restoration knows the tricks of the trade so give us a shout if you need that water out!


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