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Lake Villa Water Damage Restoration

Posted Thu, Nov 17, 2016 in 2nd Chance Water Restoration

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 Lake Villa Water Damage Restoration

If you are searching for someone to clean up your home or pump water out from flooding, there are probably a few things on your mind. As a property owner in Lake Villa, you are most likely hoping for someone local, reliable, and knowledgeable. Maybe even someone who cares and is dedicated to providing affordable water damage restoration services. Myself and others at 2nd Chance Water Restoration have invested much time and effort to be able to offer all of these things to the entire 60046 area. We promise to be at your door ready to start work only an hour after you call. Your call is always answered by an industry professional. Our training includes caring for the emotional aspect of flooding as well as the manual cleanup. We travel the country drying homes and businesses exposing to multitudes of information and experience to bring back home to Chicago land. 2nd Chance Water Restoration has invested in all of its technicians to be certified in water damage restoration, and applied microbial remediation by the IICRC. This gives us the latest techniques in water removal and sewage cleanup, as well as mold removal. You can review us online and our reviews from happy customers more than speak for themselves, on Google, Facebook, and even our own website. Our standard of procedure and thorough explanations have assured our customers they found the right guys for the job. 2nd Chance Water Restoration is focused on being the number one choice in Lake Villa and all across the Chicago land area for years to come. We love being able to provide healthier living spaces for our customers and putting a smile on faces in an overwhelming situation. We also highly appreciate the science behind bringing your home or business back to dry, sanitary conditions. Our company is proud to include 60046 in our service area.
    Our technicians utilize technology in the form of moisture and humidity detecting devices. Giving the individual specified readings for each, these readings may change throughout the affected area, so these percentages help us concentrate our efforts where they are most needed. This beats the heck out of guessing games! Most of the water presents itself. This is called "dumb water", because it is easily found and extracted. The bigger concern lies in hidden wet surfaces, this is referred to as bound moisture. If not approached appropriately this water will never dry, and a mold or bacterial contamination is not too far behind. When we are on the site, we move quickly to ensure this never even has a chance to develop.
   When non-salvageable materials are removed and the remaining structure properly dried, our microbial remediation skills won't have to be applied. Settled spores exist all over your home and can thrive in 24-72 hours. No one wants to give it that opportunity, as all types of mold have potential to be harmful. These spores aerosolize and are respirable. Sewage contains immediate harmful contaminants, and should always be cleaned by trained technicians with proper equipment, protective gear, and the correct cleaning solutions to avoid harm to you and your family. Even a clean water source can develop into contaminated water over time(every 24 hours left untouched, changes its classification). After necessary surfaces are either exposed or treated correctly, The drying process really gets going. It is important to get the relative humidity percentage lowered in your indoor air. Excess moisture in the air can be absorbed by walls, trim/framing, and ceiling that was never touched by water in the initial flood, and cause further water damage. This is mainly achieved by offering drying equipment rental. We will set up, take down, and monitor the machines until our drying goals are met and your home is on its way to pre-loss conditions. High velocity air movers blow moisture off building materials into the air where it can be captured by high efficiency dehumidifiers. These dehumidifiers pull and drain out 140 pints a day, mitigating damage and improving indoor air quality. This outperforms most conventional, home dehumidifiers by an impressive 100 pints a day!
    We excel in offering affordable bills to our customers without insurance. Being a small, family business dedicated to serving all of our Chicago and surrounding area neighbors, we have much more control over pricing than our direct competitors. We will provide a free estimate to review and compare upon request. If the event is covered by insurance, we communicate directly with your company's adjuster, and get your claim processed in a timely manner, with no extra work for you. 60046 can truly count on quality, dedication, respectful, and reliable service from 2nd Chance Water Restoration. Give your home in Lake Villa the 2nd Chance it deserves.


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