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Is Water Damage A Problem In Elmhurst?

Posted Thu, Nov 17, 2016 in 2nd Chance Water Restoration

Is Water Damage A Problem In Elmhurst? Water damage in Elmhurst is a consistent problem that has been affecting local businesses and homes costing the people of Elmhurst an unbelievable amount of money over the years. 2nd Chance Water Restoration is Elmhurst's very own water damage company. We grew up I'm Elmhurst and started doing flood work here in 1997! We are always available for a free estimate during which we will identify the source of the water and help you get it shut off, or tell you what you need to do even, if you don't hire us to do the work. It is important to locate the problem, source of water damage, as soon as possible, so you get the drying process started to mitigate the damage. 2nd Chance Water Restoration got our vast experience in commercial and residential water damage right here in Elmhurst! We are located on Villa ave and St. Charles road, so we are only a few minutes away. Call 630-546-2239 to get us out there now for your free estimate!! We are able to provide a complete water damage mitigation service and we can refer you to the areas top contractors for plumbing, drywall, or painting. As an emergency service company we provide ourselves on our specialization in drying and mitigating water damage better than anyone. BBB_Reverse-blue-rgb Our experience in local restoration projects for businesses has us fully aware of the financial impact that water damage will have on your business and homes. It is our job to reduce that expense by focusing on what is causing the damage and getting everything handled from there as quickly and professionally as possible with as little extra headaches and stress as possible. The goal is too have as little impact on your day to day lives and business as possible. Anywhere water damage occurs, whether it is your office, or home costs money, stress, and aggravation and it is our job to not only fix the issues, but to make you feel better about it. Not to brag, but we are pretty likable and very reasonable. Check out our reviews on Google, yelp, Facebook, Angie's list, or anywhere else and you will see that we always try our best each and every water damage job. We understand that you need to keep your computers, cash registers, and other electronics going and you would be surprised at how good we are at doing that while we clean up the mess. We know how bad that it sucks, when your computers, telephones, televisions, or air conditioning get damaged by water, because we have been there many times ourselves. Water damage can and will happen to any and every one in Elmhurst some day, because that is what happens in our home town. We have learned how to restore, dry, and save many of these items, due to the amount of flooding experience that have personally. We have cleaned water damage in warehouses, storage areas, and store fronts and as a local family owned business it tears our hearts out every time. We hate seeing anyone's business, or lives affected by water damage and that is our biggest motivation to do what we do for a profession. We try to be the best water restoration service professionals out there, because we know how bad water damage sucks. Homes, businesses, warehouses, churches, and even store fronts should be checked periodically for water damage in elmhurst, especially around the basements, flyers, window wells, and door jams. It is important to make sure that outside drains are not clogged with dirt, debris, or leaves especially in elmhurst, because it is a town known for it's beautiful trees. As a local water restoration company we are committed to providing business and home owners in Elmhurst a first rate water damage restoration service. We provide this service by using pro water restoration techs that are extremely experienced, trained, certified, and equipped to handle any job at any time. We use the latest state of the art equipment, cleaning, and drying techniques in every restoration, mitigation, and remediation job that we do. Call 630-546-2239 for a free estimate today, because the sooner that you address your water damage issue the sooner you can get back to normal and the more money you will save in time and repairs. The longer the water damage problem sits in Elmhurst the more damage it causes. I just got done cleaning sewage in Round Lake which consisted of taking a whole lot of water damaged materials including a sewage soaked mattress, a disgusting rotting dresser that was full of sewage soaked clothes, wet pictures, and all kinds of appliances. The sewage had been in the basement for a long time, so we setup negative air pressure, used HEPA air scrubbers, bagged all the content, and washed the sewage down the drains. We applied a lot of anti-microbials and scrubbed what seem liked forever, but it was pretty clean, when we left. The drying equipment is in and running. We will check the drying progress tomorrow morning, which is always a good time to be up in Round Lake. We will most likely pick the drying equipment up in a few days and the home will have a second chance that it deserves. Now that we did this water damage job in Round Lake it is time to return to Elmhurst to clean up and reload the truck, so that we are ready and able for the next water damage emergency. Our next water damage cleaning job may be in Chicago, Lombard, Villa Park, Hinsdale, Aurora, Naperville, or any other local area, because we can get anywhere in the entire Chicago land area within an hour to provide a complete water damage restoration, or mold remediation estimate. You just have to call us at 630-546-2239! .


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