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Have Storm Damage? 2nd Chance Water Restorations Travels

Posted Sat, Sep 1, 2018 in Water Damage

Have Storm Damage? 2nd Chance Water Restoration travels to clean storm damage, so homes everywhere get the 2nd chance they deserve. Storm damage affects the whole country, so 2nd Chance Water Restoration is always out on the road. Our flood damage cleanup team travels the country due to heavy storm damage needs. You can tell we love hitting the road to clean storm damage here.

2nd Chance Water Restoration Travels To Help

2nd Chance Water Restoration travels to help to cleanup storm damage all over the country due to high demand. Our water restoration company has been all the way to Texas, Florida, New York and everywhere in between. When we are not traveling across the country to cleanup storm damage our company services the great Chicago area. We are also available 24 hours a day every day of the year. Our water restoration can give you a free estimate for your water damage needs. 2nd Chance Water Restorations travels to help anyone with flooding and water damage issues at a moment's notice.

Cleaning Up Flood Damage In MaryLand

This is a picture of our storm travel team in Maryland cleaning up sewage back up. The homeowner admits that she is a hoarder due to not wanting to throw anything away. Clothing and shoe racks took up every inch of the basement. Other things were piled up top of the clothes. The homeowner at one time ran a clothing store in the seventies and eighties. The sewage in this basement was there for a few days, before we got there to clean it. Our team got to washing the sewage down the drain and applying antimicrobials to disinfect everything. The home had a horrible odor, so we took our time and gave it a great cleaning. We never want to see sewage in a basement, but we take pride in knowing no one cleans it better.  

Storm Flooding In Basements

Storm flooding in basements sucks due to the amount of bad things in the water. This basement was over 50 years old and never had any water damage in it prior to the storm damage on this day. We gave the homeowner an estimate and heard the best story about his family. He had been in the home since it was built over 50 years ago. The memories he was sharing with us were ones I'll never forget. It was great to get his basement back to clean. Time waits for no one, but our homes can take us back to the best days of our lives. Cleaning this basement and seeing that customer smile again was a highlight for our storm damage clean up crew. You can see where the water from the storms hit the boxes and wood in this basement. There was a lot of content in this basement, so the flooding left a big mess. Our team got this basement clean up done in one day and the basement was dry in less than 3 days.    


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