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Grayslake Water Damage Restoration

Posted Thu, Nov 17, 2016 in 2nd Chance Water Restoration

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Grayslake Water Damage Restoration

Have you ever been the unlucky recipient of water , sewage or mold damage within your home or business? At 2nd Chance Water Restoration we never want to hear you or anyone is having a horrible day because of a water, sewage or mold issues of any kind especially inside your Grayslake property, but in the unfortunate circumstances that you do run into any of these types of issues, know that we will be glad to offer our professional cleaning and drying services anywhere in Lake County and all of the 60030 area.

Grayslake water removal Grayslake water removal underway!

Here's a little bit about us. 2nd Chance Water Restoration is a 24/7 water extraction company that specializes in sewage cleanup and mold removal services. We have years of hands on experience dealing with all kinds of property sanitization and structural dry-outs of all sizes. Not only do all of our technicians have 1000's of hours of on the job experience but we also make sure that they all have IICRC certifications in structural drying and also mold remediation as well. Having the classroom knowledge to keep up with the latest in industry standards is something we feel strongly about and know that they go hand in hand with the on the job experiences. We feel that you can never be to careful when it comes to water or mold in someone's home or business.

Grayslake water removal Water removal in Grayslake!

Now lets chat about some of the things that we would be able to help a property owner with. Perhaps your sewer or septic system backed up and spewed mounds of disgust onto your floor? Or have you have ever come home after a long day of work and found your sump pump failed and your basement was a transformed into a swimming pool? If you said yes to any of these things that's something that makes us very sorry to hear but know that we can make these problems better. If your appliance has ever malfunctioned and left you with a river running through your house, we have got that covered. If one of the kids leaves the tub or sink water running and you are now standing in a puddle, you guessed it, it's not a problem for us. So basically, any size water related issues are what we deal with on a daily basis. We can extract and sanitize and resolve your water issue but also make sure that every bit of bound moisture is removed from the structure so you don't end up with problems like mold within the structure. We hope that everyone is proactive when they find water within their property because if a water issue is not addressed correctly it can become a much more intrusive and unhealthy mold problem within 24-72 hours, so act sooner as opposed to later.

Grayslake sewage cleanup Water damage restoration in Grayslake

Our teams of technicians can be dispatched 24 hours a day to help in your time of need and can usually arrive to the affected property within an hour.(under normal circumstances) Upon arriving they will ask a few questions about the property and then do a visual inspection of the property using moisture meters, thermal imaging camera systems and thermal hygrometers locating all of the affected areas. They will then answer any of your questions about the catastrophe at hand and then give you a free estimate and if you would like we can start then and there. Once our team has extracted the water and removed any affected items they can then selectively place high velocity air movers and L.G.R. dehumidifiers to remove any bound moisture that remains to ensure no mold issues can result. We can always work directly with your insurance adjuster or claim representative to expedite the handling of your claim to ensure your property gets back to a healthy living environment as quickly and efficiently as possible. So if your property is in Grayslake or around the 60030 area and you are ever in the need for sewage removal, water extraction or mold remediation,  the only company you will need to contact is 2nd Chance Water Restoration to ensure your property gets a second chance.


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