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Flood Damage Cleanup In Joliet

Posted Thu, Nov 17, 2016 in 2nd Chance Water Restoration

Flood Damage Cleanup In Joliet

Flood damage cleanup in Joliet is very important to prevent mold growth and to restore property to their pre-loss state. 2nd Chance Water Restoration specializes in flood damage cleanup and mold removal! We strive for excellence and will do what we have to effectively dry every water removal job we perform. We have successfully dried out hundreds of homes in Joliet!

Flood Damage Cleanup In Joliet Flood Damage Cleanup In Joliet

We have traveled to over fifty storm events across the country which has given us invaluable experience in the drying industry. We have effectively communicated to others in the water damage restoration industry and have been able to soak up a lot of knowledge from other long time restorers. We used to play football against Joliet Catholic.

sewer backup flood damage cleanup in Joliet

2nd Chance is based out of Addison, Illinois but serves the entire Chicago area. We have been everywhere from Colombia, SC to Boulder, Co for flood damage cleanup. When Wichita or Minneapolis flooded we were there as well to help with the water removal process. Don't strain yourself if you experience a little flood damage. Let the experts at 2nd Chance handle your cleanup for you! We gladly do the hard stuff so you won't have too!

flood damage cleanup flood damage cleanup

Sometimes when you do a flood damage cleanup you will find things that you just do not expect. When we removed wet carpet from this house in Joliet we discovered a long hidden tile floor. The customer was extremely happy and now has a new old tile floor! Saved some money on the rebuild and that is a win!

No Ketchup!!!

In Chicago we know not to put ketchup on hot dogs and not to root for the Packers! If you root for the Packers we will still give you the best customer service of any flood cleanup company out there. If you put ketchup on your hot dog then you are on your own! We will help the people of the 60431 anytime they call us!

That's a whole lot of poop! That's a whole lot of poop!

2nd Chance when handle your sewer backup for you. Ain't nobody got time for that^! 2nd Chance is awesome when you need sewage removal! We have five stars everywhere because we will clean your nastiest messes while still maintaining a proper attitude. We will safely and effectively remove all the bad stuff you got while using the proper PPE and following the proper protocols for the industry!

Flooded basement cleanup service Flooded Basement Cleanup Service

Some time we even have to do flood damage cleanup for hoarders. That is always a lot of fun as you never know what you may find! We have stories for days about some of the things we have had the pleasure of cleaning! We have seen crocodiles swimming in basements and turtles wandering hallways!

Flooded Basement Cleanup Flooded Basement Cleanup

Sometimes we have to be the bearer of bad news and tell people that some things can not be saved. That can be hard to do but not as hard as losing your cabinets because of a broken pipe flooding your kitchen. Water can damage or destroy just about anything. You have to dry it quick and you have to dry it right! 2nd Chance is great at saving countertops!

Flooded Basement Cleanup Flooded Basement Cleanup

Joliet has some old houses with some very unique building materials. It pays to have a company that has many years of experience for each technician when working with these one of a kind houses. Joliet has a history of flood damage and cleanup requires a lot of skill to be done effectively! We have seen the worst Joliet's sewer system can throw into a basement and we have cleaned it!

flood damage cleanup

Our willingness to work hard at a fair price has won us the job many times! We have a reputation for being a thousand dollars cheaper than our competition. That and our quality of work is why we have five star ratings everywhere!

flooded basement cleanup service It is hard to see such loss

It does not matter how long we have done this job or how many homes we restored it never gets easy seeing people of Joliet have their stuff damaged by flooding. I could not even count how many classic automobiles I have seen ravaged by muck and water! On many occasions we have had to remove the entirety of the inside of homes. We are sorry that anyone could have flood damage but we will help you in the recovery process. Give you and your home a 2nd Chance!

Flooded basement cleanup That's a lot of garbage!


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