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Flood Damage Cleanup Chicago

Posted Mon, May 14, 2018 in Water Damage

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(866) 575-5814 phone-iconAlways Nearby. Call Today! This flood damage cleanup work in Chicago had mold removal, sewage cleanup and air duct cleaning needs. Our professional water damage restoration team spent the better part of a week dealing with this basement flooding. Our team got to the home to find the basement flooding, so they got to work checking for safety issues. The first thing our crew does, when getting to a flood cleanup in Chicago is check four safety concerns. This basement actually had live wires in the flood water, so we had to turn off the electricity. You should never have a bunch of stuff too close to the water heater or the furnace in the basement. There is a lot that can go wrong, when you have stuff crowding your water heater or furnace. Water heaters will spring a leak from time to time, so anything around them may get wet. Don't do what this Chicago homeowner did, because wet boxes collapse. The television on top of this cardboard box fell right through the gas line, so it almost became fire damage too. The television broke.

Flood Cleanup & Dry Out

The drywall in this Chicago basement had insulation behind it, so we had to cut out the wet building material. The flood cut had to be at two feet due to the water being over a foot deep. The drying equipment was in place in time to prevent mold growth. This flood cleanup went smoothly, because we got all the wet material out right away. We were also able to get the heat up, so the drying process got a fast start. Getting the heat up and wet stuff out of the house is the best way to dry flood damage. Remember that every basement in Chicago will need flood cleanup at some point, so don't lay carpet. Basement flooding gets worse with the more money you lose in the process. This flood cleanup project in Chicago cost the homeowner a lot of money due to replacing carpet and dry wall. It's best not to lay carpet in the basement, so you avoid greater cost in flood cleanup.

Drying Flood Cleanup

Our Chicago water and fire restoration team loves moving pool tables during flood cleanup work. The flood cleanup in this Chicago basement got costly due to all the wet carpet and content removal. The flooding in this basement was worse than the pictures show due to the water removal already taking place. The wet carpet had to go, because it was sewage flooding the basement. Our water restoration team cut out the carpet and got the wet materials out right away. The flood cleanup crew also began cleaning everything with antimicrobial soap. The flood cleanup work was able to stop the mold growth. Our focus went into generating heat as soon as we got the wet materials out. Getting the temperature up and adding the dehumidifiers got the moisture under control. Getting the wet material out and adding dehumidifiers is the best way to dry flood damage quickly. We take great pride in getting homes and commercial water restoration project dry faster than anyone else in Chicago. This is why we have the highest rating out of all the Chicago Water & Fire companies.


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