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Five Star Hyde Park Water Damage Restoration

Posted Thu, Nov 17, 2016 in 2nd Chance Water Restoration

Five Star Hyde Park Water Damage Restoration

Customer service is the most important thing to 2nd Chance Water Restoration inc. If you are in need of a five star Hyde Park water damage restoration company for your water removal job then look no further then 2nd Chance! We are five stars everywhere for a reason. We understand, that if you have a sewer backup, that you are not having a very good day! We want to alleviate your stress and help you in your time of need. We have been excelling at water extraction in the 60615 and 60637 area for quite some time. Long enough now that the residents of Hyde Park understand that we have yet to let anyone down when it comes to structural drying.

flooded basement cleanup service Flooded basement cleanup service

2nd Chance Water Restoration inc is so focused on making our customers happy that our first five years in business flew right on by. We did not even know that our customers put us on Angie's List. It is flattering that not one but two customers took the time to put very flattering five star rankings for us on Angie's List! Coincidentally, the same thing happened when we were notified that we were accredited with the Chicago BBB with an outstanding five star rating. We have been handling broken pipes in the 60615 and 60637 area, quietly doing our job, not even knowing that we had such excellent ratings anywhere let alone in multiple spots. We are certified in water damage restoration through and through for our customers! When it comes time to call a service professional to your home or business for your drying needs then we would want to be the company that you choose. Hyde Park has been known to have flooding and sewer backup problems from time to time so there is a great number of water damage restoration companies to choose from. If you are like me then you will look for a service professional that comes highly recommended and the last I checked you can not to beat five out of five.

floode basement cleanup service flooded basement cleanup service

No need to panic when water floods your home as long as you do not compound the problem by making bad decisions! Some things to consider when you experience flooding in no particular order!

  1. Call your highest rated local water damage restoration company!
  2. Call your insurance provider.
  3. Find the Source of the water.
  4. Make yourself safe!
  5. Make your stuff safe!
  6. Remember to stay calm and that as long as everyone is safe you will be okay!
  7. Make a drink!
  8. Call Chicago Public Works!

flooded basement cleanup service flooded basement cleanup service

Now do not get me wrong, there is a lot of Hyde Park Water Damage Restoration companies that are good reputable businesses. We at 2nd Chance understand that we have some serious competition in the water removal industry and we encourage it! That competition is essential to our success as it prevents complacency and encourages innovation! 2nd Chance Water Restoration inc strives to stay ahead of the learning and thus goes through rigorous continued education. Our employees are constantly attending classes in the restoration fields. In November our entire staff is getting certified in fire restoration. We are excited to add fire damage to our repertoire and expand our services beyond water damage restoration. We plan on performing these fire restoration jobs for the people of Hyde Park just as well as we do sewer backup or flood jobs! Five stars in Hyde Park because we care!


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