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Elgin Fire & Water Restoration

Posted Mon, Jun 11, 2018 in City

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(866) 575-5814 phone-iconAlways Nearby. Call Today! This Elgin fire & water cleanup job was due to a live wire burning some drywall. The guy doing the remodel work for the dental office renting this office space left a live wire hitting drywall. Fire was burning within minutes. Fire gets going fast and can take down a building within minutes. This building was also putting in new sprinklers. The amount of water put on the building to put out the fire was insane. Water hit every square inch of the building, so it was a mess. Getting the cleanup done was a top priority, so we got on that fast. We also got into the drying process the first day. Cleaning up this Elgin fire & water damage in a short time makes a big difference in cost. Mold growth happens within the first 72 hours, so you have to be fast with the cleanup and drying.

Elgin Fire Damage And Smoke Odor

This Elgin fire and water damage was the result of a burning candle. The candle was bumped by the cat and hit the drapes. The drapes went up in flames, so the house was full of smoke in minutes. Make sure to keep candles away from really flammable furniture and fabrics. You should also make sure candles are not in a place where the cat will hit it. This Elgin fire damage set the homeowners back about thirty thousand dollars due to lack of fire insurance. They also loss a lot of personal belongings that you can not put a price tag on. The couch, beds and carpet all had to go in this house due to the fire damage and smoke odor. Cost to replacing furniture is often less than cleaning the smoke odor and fire damage. Insurance companies will pay to get content clean, but they prefer the cheap option. Any open flame should be watched while in the house, so fire damage is not possible.   These ceiling tiles hold smoke odor like nothing else, so they got new ones in this Elgin home. They also soak up water like a sponge, so the hose did not help their cause. Now, you can dry everything as soon as the fire department leaves. Most water restoration companies can get homes dry within two to three days after the fire hoses do their work. Trying to find out what you can save is easier, when everything is dry. Smoke odor and wet building materials make a bad combo, so drying helps find the true odor source. There are also a lot of things you can do to remove smoke odor, so don't lose hope. Read: DYI tips on how to remove smoke odor.

Remodel After Fire Damage

Our remodel team will be glad to give you a free estimate should you have a fire damage or smoke odor. Painting can really help with smoke damage after you do the cleanup. Trying to simply paint over fire damage and smoke odor is not a great idea. It pays to clean it up as best as you can, so you can paint and effectively remove the smoke odor. The last thing you want to have to do is paint twice to cover up the smoke odor. Get a couple free estimates to do the rebuild, so you get the best deal and work done possible. Getting your home put back together in a way you love can be a big silver lining to having fire damage.  


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