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Elburn Water Damage Restoration

Posted Thu, Nov 17, 2016 in 2nd Chance Water Restoration

Elburn water damage restoration is a lot easier if you give your property a 2nd Chance at being dry!

Elburn water damage restoration project underway!

Water damage is the most devastating thing can happen to a home, place of business, or commercial property perhaps more damaging than fire, because water even usually follows the fire. The time starts ticking as soon as your home, or property is damaged by water. The big problem with water damage beyond destroying things instantly, is that it creates mold growth in a short period of time. Fortunately, the certified professionals at 2nd Chance Water Restoration are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we offer rapid emergency response for the entire Elburn and greater Chicago, IL area. A technician certified by IICRC in water restoration and most likely mold remediation as well will arrive at your home within the hour, assess the water, or mold damage, and begin the water, sewage, or mold removal and restoration work. The water damage clean up and removal process should begin as soon as water damage happens, because mold can develop within 48 hours of a water damage disaster. Mold can spread rapidly under the right conditions and it is important to cure the water damage, before mold becomes a significant issue. Mold brings with it many complexities including numerous health problems and hazards ranging from mild to very severe. It is important to mitigate the water damage quickly and to dry the property as fast as possible using air movement and heat. Our large dehumidifiers and industrial size air movers provide the air flow and heat that you need while simultaneously evicting trapped water from drywall, floors, walls and pulling the water out of the air itself. 2nd Chance Water Restoration's pro service techs are aware of these issues and offer rapid, efficient service designed to remove the water, dry everything out, remove any mold and mildew that may have appeared, and give your home the second chance it deserves as soon as possible. Water will damage your home and business enough to cost you money and stress, so let the service pros at 2nd Chance do the work. Water can be very destructive, so it is important that you get it done right, which is another factual reason to call 2nd Chance Water Restoration. Our goal is to offer the absolute best water damage restoration service in the Elburn, IL area possible. Q: What is the best way to avoid mold growth from happening in amy home, or place of business? A: Address the water damage issue as quickly as possible and get the property dried out immediately. When necessary we can apply antimicrobials to help prevent future mold growth, but the reality is that drying the property with our professional drying equipment like our air movers and LGR dehumidifiers will eliminate the food source that mold relies on to grow. Mold can not always be avoided, because it can start in as little as 24 hours, so it is important to get the water out and the place drying as soon as possible. 2nd Chance Water Restoration are experts at mold removal and remediation and we have been working in the industry right here in Chicago since 1998! It has been proven to be fact that living and working in areas that have mold can and will be detrimental to your health. If you suspect that you have a mold problem than you most like need to call a professional mold remediation company right here in Elburn, IL! Q: Can you take over my mold, sewage cleanup, or water removal project, that I tried to "do it yourself " cleanup? A: A lot of people try and fail in Elburn clean up their own mold and water damage issues, because of a lack of proper equipment, knowledge, and training no matter how great their effort and desire. A professional mold remediation company like 2nd Chance knows how to set up negative air pressure with containment barriers and has access to air scrubbers and other professional service equipment that most people in Elburn simply do not have. Every job is equally unique and complex, but our experience with similar projects give us an edge that average person trying to cleanup mold doesn't have as well. We take over a lot of jobs that people tried to do themselves and we are the "do it yourself" types too! We don't blame anyone one for trying the do it yourself mold cleanup program. If you are in Elburn and need water damage restoration, mold remediation, sewage cleanup, or any flood project that you need looked at than please feel free to give us a call anytime day, or night and we can have a trained service pro at your door usually within the hour depending on our famous Chicago traffic. Q: Why choose 2nd Chance Water Restoration to cleanup your water damage and remove your mold in Elburn? A: When a pipe breaks, a water heater blows up, a dishwasher springs a leak, a washing machine or refrigerator supply gives out, a toilet or sink overflows, flooding from storms or rivers, immediate water damage cleanup is needed and a service professional from 2nd Chance Water Restoration is your best bet, if you live in the greater Chicago area. The cost and disruption to your life sucks, but waiting will cost you even more money and prevent you from getting back to normal for an even longer period of time. We can provide residential home owners, business owners, property managers, schools, industrial buildings, and any commercial property owners an estimate for mold remediation, water damage restoration, or sewage cleanup at any time free of charge. Q: Can you cleanup remove the sewage and water in my basement, or crawl space? A: Yes, we are experts in providing sewage cleanup, water damage restoration, and mold remediation services to Grayslake area homeowners, commercial property managers, and business owners that have water related emergencies in their basement, or crawl space. We have done more crawl space sewage jobs in Grayslake than you would believe. Call 2nd Chance Water Restoration at 866-575-5814 to get a free estimate in a hurry for your water removal needs! We will arrive on the scene with powerful, state of the art, equipment to remove, or extract the water from your basement, home, commercial property, or place of business. We will also have very powerful industrial size air movers and dehumidifiers with us to help get your place dry as possible as quickly as possible. Water damage jobs can turn into mold remediation jobs within 48 hours, so it is crucial to get the water removed and the place dried out in a hurry! Our certified water damage restoration and mold remediation experts are trained to deal with water removal emergencies, and they be at your property with a hour. Our technicians will show you how the water is getting into your property and help you figure out a way to stop the water from flooding your basement further.

Water Damage Restoration in Elburn!

2nd Chance Water Restoration provides professional sewage cleanup, mold remediation, sewage water removal and water damage pro services to an area that includes the city of Chicago, the rest of Cook County, eight nearby Illinois counties (Lake, McHenry, Du Page, Kane, Kendall, Grundy, Will, and Kankakee), and the two Indiana counties of Lake and Porter, which includes the following suburbs and cities: Algonquin, Round Lake Beach, Antioch, Joliet, Manhattan, Villa Park to name a few. MINIMIZE THE WATER DAMAGE WITH THESE WATER REMOVAL TIPS:
  1. If possible, stop the water from flowing into your basement, or at it's source ASAP!
  2. Turn off the electricity, unplug and remove smaller electrical devices from the areas with excess water, if it is safe to do so. Unplug large appliances.
  3. Avoid walking on wet carpet as it can spread the water damage and cause injury.
  4. Remove small furniture from carpeted areas or place aluminum foil, or something water resistant under furniture legs and flat bottom furniture. This helps prevent permanent rust of furniture stains.
  5. Remove, or hang draperies off the ground and pin up bed skirts to avoid contact with wet floors.
  6. Remove any moisture-sensitive, breakables and valuable items, as well as items that may stain floor coverings. Do not forget to check under the beds, sofas, behind televisions and other furniture.
  7. Plan for restoration crews to move furniture into dry areas, the garage, or other clean staging areas.
  8. Wash your hands after handling damaged items, and remove shoes, be fore going into non affected areas.
  9. Avoid turning on fans, the furnace, and air conditioning units as they may spread contamination if the situation is sewage, or mold related.

Elburn water damage Elburn flooded basement cleanup!

  1. Industrial strength extraction equipment is brought into the home to physically remove any freestanding water and water that is trapped and should be extracted in carpet and carpet padding, and upholstery.
  2. If necessary, carpet and/or padding may be removed, or floated/lifted to enable air flow underneath it for proper drying.
  3. Professional and industrial drying and dehumidifying equipment like industrial size air movers and Low Grain Refrigerant Dehumidifiers are used to dry the affected areas and return the humidity levels in your home to normal with 48-72 hours after the initial water damage emergency.
  4. Special instruments like hygrometers and moisture meters will be used to identify hidden pockets of water that can be trapped in wood, drywall, and other cellulose materials.
  5. Proper water extraction and professional drying techniques help minimize the possibility of secondary damage, potential mold growth and reduces costs to rebuild the damaged areas.
  6. Our water removal service professionals will monitor the drying process daily, and re position the professional drying equipment that we use as needed.
  7. 2nd Chance Water Restoration will even work directly with you and your insurance adjuster to process the insurance claim and bill your insurance company directly.
2nd Chance Water Restoration has pro service specialists that have Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) in water restoration and old remediation. These individuals are highly trained, motivated and prepared for any emergency water removal task that they encounter! Whenever they encounter it. We have all of our technicians take continuing education courses every year to make sure that we have the best water removal specialists not only in Elburn, but in the entire Chicago land area. We can deal with your homeowners insurance company after your basement floods and bill them directly for the work that we do. You need to call your insurance company, if your basement floods, so that you can get a claim number, which allows us to bill them directly. Some insurance companies deliberately omit floods, or other "acts of God", so they don't have to cover the cost of replacing water damages items, or home material, so make sure to speak to your agent and check your policy, before a water damage disaster strikes. Make sure that you are covered for flooding and other "acts of God". The insurance company should send out an adjuster right away to assess the damages. There are times, where they try to put this assessment off, which they shouldn't, because items and materials damaged by water need to be removed and drying needs to start right away to avoid further damage. Insurance companies will be the first ones to use words like neglect, so they don't have to pay for additional damages, so hold them accountable and try to get the adjuster to your home as soon as possible, so they have to cover the loss. Whether you have insurance, or not, you should call 2nd Chance Water Restoration to get a free estimate on water damage, sewage cleanup, or mold removal at 866-575-5814 Facts about Elburn, IL : The village was originally named Blackberry Station, but was changed at the request of the railroad. The name Elburn itself derives from its originally suggested name, Melbourne, but a suggestion to shorten the name resulted in the dropping of the "M", leaving Elbourne. From there, it was shortened even further to Elburne, and then finally to Elburn. Your Local Water Damage Restoration Service For Elburn, IL is 2nd Chance Water Restoration, which proudly offers it's water damage restoration, water removal, and mold remediation services 24-7.


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