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Dekalb Water Damage & Mold Cleanup

Posted Wed, Sep 5, 2018 in City

We got to this Dekalb water restoration project last week around midnight, so it was a late call. Our team got there to find a sewage back up went across the whole basement. The homeowners never had an issue before due to having plenty of sumps installed. The city sewer system had a backup, so the pumps didn't matter. The sewage came up through the toilet and drains in the basement. There was nothing anyone could to stop it. A sewage backflow prevention valve was put in by a plumber a few days later. Having a sewage backflow prevention valve put in is a healthy investment. It can also save you a big mess and a lot of money in sewage cleanup. We always suggest having one put in should you be able to afford it. Some homes in Chicago have sewer backups several times a year, so the investment is worth it.

Basement Flooding In Dekalb

This basement flooding in Dekalb was really bad due to the amount of content the homeowner collects. There was a pathway between all the piles of stuff, so we could get through to the other side. Our best guess was that it would take a crew of four over 6 hours to get it clean. We got it done in just under four hours. There was over two full dumpsters of garbage in this basement. Luckily the homeowner had really good insurance, so they were able to get the whole mess taken care with little out of pocket expense. We were able to help them save a lot of money during the water restoration process, because we got the content out quickly. We were also able to save a lot of the content including clothing and fabric due to fast action.  

Drying Equipment Rental Service In Dekalb

We are able to drying equipment service in Dekalb, so call us for a FREE estimate, if you have water damage. Our team can drop off and setup any amount of air movers and dehumidifiers you needa The drying equipment rental service in Dekalb that we provide will save you money over other rental companies. We will also be able to give you a free estimate on water restoration needs and help you avoid mold growth. Our drying equipment rental service in Dekalb is second to none. We can come out to assess your damage and drying equipment needs for FREE. Yep, we will provide a completely free estimate, if you need to dry your home or property in Dekalb. We will go anywhere in the greater Chicago land area for water ad fire restoration needs. The drywall in this house had to come out due to the sewage damage. The insulation also got wet, so it had to come out as well. We did a two foot flood cut all the way around the basement. a two foot flood cut makes it easier for the rebuild team to put it all back together. The water hit just over 15 inches and the wicking in the insulation was a bit higher. So it made sense to go up to two feet to properly dry and clean the property.


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