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Dallas Sewage Cleanup

Posted Mon, Dec 12, 2016 in 2nd Chance Water Restoration

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Sewage cleanup in Dallas, TX 75225 is easy when you call the expert sewage removal crews at 2nd Chance Water Restoration! Sewage backup could be the most disgusting thing that can happen to your home along with the most damaging. Sewage water is category three which makes it the most toxic and unsavory water to have flood your property. When dealing with water damage restoration after a sewage backup it is important to have an experienced crew handle the cleanup.

Cleanup of sewer backup in Dallas

We see a lot of homeowners attempt to clean sewage up themselves but they oftentimes quit after they realize how hard and nasty it can be. The smell can be over powering and the thought of cleaning it puts some people at total discomfort. The expert crews at 2nd Chance know the proper procedures and techniques to quickly and effectively remove all traces of sewage. When dealing with a sewer backup Dallas residents must be aware of a few things. If drywall is hit by sewage then it needs to be safely removed. There is no way to effectively clean and dry soft building materials, such as drywall, when they are inundated with black water.

Before sewage cleanup

After the sewage cleanup in Dallas

Dallas has a history of sewage backups because of the older sewer systems combined with the expanding population. When pipes get older, like any infrastructure, there is increased risk for failure. Failure with sewer pipes are usually the result of clogs or breaks. When pipes break a multitude of things can happen. It can prevent water from properly draining which can lead to a backup. It can expose the property to excess ground water, especially during periods of heavy rains. Clogs can be even worse depending on how far down the pipes they occur. If you have a clog happen right by the toilet, but don't notice before you flush, then you may have a great deal more sewer water invade your home. When dealing with sewage cleanup it is important to be thorough and to use the proper sanitizers and disinfectants to eradicate mold and contaminants. Sewage provides a litany of health risk such as diphtheria and hepatitis. That means it extra important to sanitize everything and everywhere that was affected. The longer water sits in a property then the more damage it can do, and that is especially true of sewage. Mold can and will grow in less than 72 hours when any kind of water floods a property, and usually starts quicker when organic material is already in the water.

Sewage on the floor is the last thing any homeowner wants to see

Mold remediation is even more expensive than water damage restoration, and the best way to prevent mold is to rapidly remove the water. Sewage is bad enough to deal with, so cleaning before mold growth can occur is the recommended course of action. Never flush feminine products,wet wipes or paper towels down the drains as that is the number one cause of clogs, improper flushing.


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