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Commercial Water Restoration Projects

Posted Wed, May 9, 2018 in Chicago

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(866) 575-5814 phone-iconAlways Nearby. Call Today! The city of Chicago always has a need for commercial water restoration and sewage cleanup services. The city has an old sewer system and there are millions of people in a small space, so flooding happens. Chicago flooding is as famous as the windy city bit due to the fact all basements flood here. This is a commercial water restoration project that we did in Chicago. The flooding in this commercial building is due to sewage backup. Sewage came up the drains in the basement and also out of the toilets on the first floor. The commercial carpet had sewage all over it, so we took it out right away. We also had to remove the rubber trim and the drywall that was touching the sewage. You should always remove the trim and drywall with sewage on it. Don't try to save carpet or drywall that has sewage issues due to potential health affects. There is over twenty thousand square feet of carpet in this commercial building, so this was a large commercial loss.

Commercial Sewage Flood Cleanup In Chicago

The sewage backup in this commercial building was up to the ceiling, so this is an after picture. We did a sewage cleanup and also a lot of power washing during this commercial water restoration project. We did air duct cleaning to insure the indoor air quality was good for everyone returning to work. The flooring cleaning in this basement took a long time, because of the staining. You can see the floors, walls and everything else is really cleaning here.

Commercial Carpet Drying

We got to this building on a Friday night due to a late night break pipe. The construction crew upstairs hit a sprinkler head, so thousands of gallons of water came raining down from the ceiling. The entire floor had carpet that go flooded with clean water, so we were able to dry it. We were able to dry both the carpet and pad, so the office was back to work on Monday. Commercial Water Removal Services The humidity in this commercial space was very high due to all the wet building material. The first thing we had to do was get the water out of the carpet and pad. Our water restoration crew began extracting the water through the pad with our truck mount equipment. The carpet drying is easy, when you have the right equipment to get the water out in a hurry.

Commercial Water Removal

The water flooding this warehouse came from a broken water pipe. This warehouse has a surprising amount of content, so getting it all wet makes for a big mess. We got ten thousand pounds of wet paper up and out in a matter of hours, so drying could start. We had our pumps running for hours, until the city of Chicago fixed the pipe flooding the building. There is a surprising amount of cardboard in this picture. The shelving in this commercial water damage project go back about 100 feet. There was also a ton of little in card board boxes inside the big cardboard boxes. The city of Chicago will probably always have flooding, so 2nd Chance Water Restoration will be here to help. Our water restoration crews can cleanup any commercial water restoration project quickly and correctly. Our remodel team can get put back together, so we can do it all.


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