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Posted Sun, Apr 29, 2018 in Sewage Cleanup Chicago

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(866) 575-5814 phone-iconAlways Nearby. Call Today! The Chicago water restoration team was busy this week due to broken pipe in a commercial building. A man doing sandblasting hit a sprinkler head on the top floor. We were there to clean it up within the hour of the call. We help the landlord shut the water off. The shutoff valve was hidden behind some very valuable paintings in the second story art studio.

Knowing Where Your Water Shutoff Is Can Save You Thousands

There was over twenty thousand gallons of water dumped in the building, before they got the water off. So much water went through the building it caused a sewage backup in the basement. The sewer couldn't keep up with amazing amount of water. I assure you that building will never burn down due to ineffective sprinklers. They work. Landlords should always make sure their tenants know where the water shut off valve is. It is very important due to the amount of damage a broken pipe or working sprinkler system can do in a short time. The in this building was well over 250k for all the tenants in the building. The art studio spent over 50k in drying out wet paintings, so they could save them. The water shut off in less then 10 seconds once we found the valve. I was walking by the area where the valve was for over an hour. There was just too much stuff in the way and we couldn't even see the main water pipe. This Chicago flooding nightmare was made worse due to people not being able to find the shut off. We were able to save nearly all the artwork. We also were able to save a lot of paperwork in the office parts of the building. Make sure that everyone knows how to shut off the water, so you don't have to go through this. Call 2nd Chance Water Restoration for info or a free water damage, sewage cleanup or mold removal estimate at 866-575-5814.

How To Prevent Sewage Backup In Chicago

There are many problems with the Chicago sewer system and we all know it. A lot of people are in a small area using an old sewer system. It's a recipe for disaster. Everyone outside of Illinois hears about the wind and terrible Chicago winters. People also need to know about the sewage backup issues in Chicago, before they decide to buy a home with a basement. I feel really bad for anyone that rents a basement apartment in Chicago. Chances are it has had at least a little sewage backup at some point. Every basement in Chicago that doesn't take steps to prevent sewage backup will eventually have sewage flooding their basement. If you are thinking about buying a home or building in Chicago with a basement you should also think about sewage backup. Does the building have a backflow check valve in it's plumbing? These valves allow water and sewage to go out into the public system, but they also prevent water from coming back in. More and more people are getting wise to the idea and installing these valves. Water always flows to the path of least resistance, so it moves onto the next home without a valve. There was time not long ago where all the corner houses or buildings would get all the sewage backup in Chicago. Now, those property owners are on top of it with these valves, so the sewage problem goes to the next house down the line. The water needs somewhere to go, so it's going to go into the first home without the sewage prevention valve. Eventually everyone in Chicago will have these valves, so they don't have to worry about sewage flooding basements. Call 2nd Chance Water Restoration for info or a free water damage, sewage cleanup or mold removal estimate at 866-575-5814.

Professional Sewage Cleanup Is The Way To Go

There is no doubt that most people prefer not to be around sewage, so know it takes special people to clean it. It is also important to consider the health affects missing any sewage can have on the living conditions. The sewage soak carpet in the picture on the right was glue down commercial carpet. The general contractor was telling the property owner to call the carpet cleaner. There is no way you can clean sewage out of carpet, so you need to take it out. The drywall, trim and most organic material has to go due to sewage damage. Knowing how to properly cleanup sewage is a skill. The more you do it the better you get, so call the people that clean more sewage than anyone in Chicago. Call 2nd Chance Water Restoration for info or a free water damage, sewage cleanup or mold removal estimate at 866-575-5814.  


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