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Chicago Water Restoration Projects

Posted Mon, Apr 30, 2018 in Restoration News

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(866) 575-5814 phone-iconAlways Nearby. Call Today! Chicago Water Restoration projects have kept us going hard in April, so May is busy for the remodel team. Chicago flooding was an issue despite light rain fall for the month due to the city sewer problems. This little home office has to rebuilt due to sewage backup. The people in the apartment upstairs had a habit of flushing paper towels, so the drain didn't work. We were able to save the flat bottom furniture due to the quick action of the homeowner. It is important to get someone cleaning up sewage as soon as possible, so don't waste time. The faster you get the sewage cleanup the more money you will save and less risk you will have, so act quickly.

Wood Flooring & Sub Flooring Do Not Go In Basements

A lot of people make the mistake of putting wood floors and even sub floors in basements due to the way it looks. The problem with that is basements in Chicago are known for flooding. There is no really good way to save a wood floor in a basement, if it gets wet. Basements in Chicago also tend to flood due to sewage backups and that is not a good combo. You will be taking out that wood floor in your basement the first time you have flooding in the basement, so it's not a good investment. It's better to go with tile or other flooring that is also a little more resistant to water damage. We always suggest going the extra step and avoiding carpet or wood flooring basements due to ROI. There is enough cost, when it comes to basement flooding, so not having to replace the floor makes a difference. Tile floors can survive water damage or sewage backups with no issues. You just have to clean it, so it is back to a sanitary condition. The black mat under the wood floor is also really terrible for basements. It grows mold really quickly and it is hard to dry.

Chicago Commercial Water Restoration Project

Our Chicago water restoration crew also came across this commercial office space in a Chicago basement. This basement has been flooding for years, so most of the dry wall was as you see once we got the water out. The dry wall has been for years, so it settles on the floor like sand. The water restoration team got to cleaning up the mess and removing everything down to the concrete right away. We able to get everything clean and remove the mold in this building over the course of about a week. The mold growth was unreal. Air scrubbers and cleaning crews were working around the clock to complete this water restoration project.  

Chicago Flooding Thrashes Apartment Complex On Northside

This apartment complex on the north side of Chicago had a lot of flooding damage due to broken water supply pipes. The flooding washed a lot of furniture and personal items outside. This is a picture of the debris pile from the flood damage. The flooding was caused by a combo of a broken supply line and sewage backup in Chicago. There are a lot of people living in a small area, so there is always problems with the city sewers.
Bathroom Flood Cleanup
The people doing the wood floors in the condo above this bathroom hit a plumbing supply line with their saw. The mess you see in this bathroom is due to the saw dust and thousands of gallons of water raining from the ceiling. The people doing the floor had no idea they hit the pipe, so the water was running for about an hour. The tenant two floors down came home and shut off the water to the building. Had that tenant gone out for the weekend directly from work the rest of the building would also have water damage. Our was able to take this bathroom apart, dry it and put it back together all within two weeks. The homeowner was very happy with the new bathroom, so there was a happy ending to this story.
Cleaning Sewage In Crawl Spaces
Our Chicago water restoration team also had the pleasure of cleaning up sewage out of this crawl space. Plumbers and the homeowners got sewage all over the back half of the first floor, so we got to clean that up too. The sewage drain from the toilet broke due to improper installation and a heavy homeowner. Sewage began flooding the crawl space with every flush and shower. Their situation got even worse, when the city sewer system also backup a little bit. The city sewage would not have been flooding the crawl space, if not for the broken pipe. This home was also the corner house on the block, so any sewage backup would go up their drains first. Having a broken sewer pipe in your crawl space while being on the corner of the block is as bad as it gets. It is only a matter of time, before there is a sewage backup in your crawlspace at that point. This is why it's a good idea to do a check of your plumbing and crawl space at least once or twice a year.  


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