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Chicago Water Damage Insurance Companies

Posted Thu, Nov 17, 2016 in 2nd Chance Water Restoration

Insurance companies


2nd Chance Water Restoration of Chicago can work directly with your insurance company to handle your water damage restoration, water removal, sewage cleanup, or mold remediation needs. We bill them directly for our insurance as long as you have the necessary coverage and claim number. Make sure to educate yourself on the differences in flood coverage, sump pump coverage, ground water coverage, and sewage backup. Check the history of flooding in your area and make sure that you have the appropriate coverage before you experience a water damage disaster..

We have successfully billed insurance companies directly hundreds of times without much issue and have an outstanding relationship with a lot of insurance adjusters in the greater Chicago land area. We have worked with insurance adjusters from many companies in many different states without complaint, because we follow all the aproproiate mitigation and documentation procedures according to industry standard which is determined by the IICRC. We use up to date technology like moisture meters and thermal imaging cameras to detect and dry out any moisture in the property.

Call us at any time at 630-546-2239 for a free estimate or genreal information on water damage restoration

Here is a list of insurance companies in Chicago that 2nd Chance Water Restoration deals with most often with water damage and sewage cleanup claims, but don't worry, because can work with your insurance company even, if they are not on this list:

AAA Insurance                                               800-282-1446

Allied Insurance.                                            866-968-7222

Allstate                                                              800-255-7828

American Family Ins.                                     800-692-6326

American Intl. Group (AIG).                         888-760-9195

American Nat. Ins. Company.                       800-333-2860

American Strategic Ins.                                  866-274-5611

Assurant.                                                            800-245-1505

California Casualty                                           800-800-9410

Central Mutual Insurance                               888-263-2924

Chubb Corporation                                           800-252-4670

Country Financial                                              866-268-6879

Encompass Insurance                                       800-588-7400

Erie Insurance Group                                        800-367-3743

Farmers Insurance Group.                               800-327-6377

Federated Mutual Ins. Co.                                888-333-4949

GEICO                                                                   View Website

Georgia Farm Bureau.                                        855-432-2567

GuideOne Insurance.                                         888-748-4326

Hanover Insurance.                                            800-628-0250

Hartford Insurance                                             800-327-3636

Liberty Mutual                                                     800-225-2467

Metlife                                                                    800-854-6011

National General Insurance                               800-325-1088

Nationwide Mutual Ins. Co.                               800-421-3535

Progressive                                                             800-776-4737

QBE                                                                          View Website

Safeco                                                                       800-332-3226

Safeway Insurance Group                                     View Website

Secura Insurance Company                                  800-318-2136

Selective Insurance                                                 866-455-9969

State Auto Insurance Group.                                866-455-9969

State Farm                                                                800-782-8332

Travelers.                                                                  800-252-4633

USAA.                                                                        800-531-8722

West Bend.                                                               877-922-5246

Westfield Insurance.                                              866-937-2663

Call us at any time at 630-546-2239 for a free estimate or genreal information on water damage restoration!

All of us at 2nd Chance Water Restoration work hard to make sure that the insurance claim process dealing with our water damage restoration and sewage cleanup work in Chicago is as smooth as possible for our clients.


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