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Posted Thu, Nov 17, 2016 in 2nd Chance Water Restoration

  Sewage backups and needing a sewage cleanup service is any property owner's biggest nightmare, because sewage contains everything from feces, urine, feminine products, bacteria, viruses, bath water, food, soil, laundry dump water, pesticides, medication, cleaning products, beauty products, and all kinds of waste materials and micro-organisms from drains and toilets. Sewage is one of the major contributors of pollution around the world and helps cause a lot of health issues for people everywhere. This is especially true in big cities like Chicago, because there is a lot of waste in a small area with a less than ideal sewer disposal system. The city of Chicago has a very old sewer system and there are a lot of people using it, which leads to back ups and sewage issues in basements throughout the city.   Most people in Chicago know that there are things like Candy wrappers, stockings, too much toilet paper, paper towels, condoms, feminine products, rags, cotton swabs, hair, bleach, and numerous other items that shouldn't be flushed down the toilet. However, there are a lot of kids and other people that don't know better, or don't care, because it doesn't affect them longer than that one trip to bathroom. A lot of sewer back ups in the city of Chicago are caused by kids and irresponsible adults flushing things that they shouldn't down the drain. It's one draw backs to everyone having their sewage disposal system linked directly to their neighbor. It is important that you call the right company to come cleanup your sewage or other flood damage issues and it hard to argue against calling 2nd Chance Water Restoration of Chicago to get a completely free estimate, because we have 5 star ratings on every site that you can possibly get a review on and over 1,700 likes on Facebook for a reason. Please feel free to call  (866) 575-5814 for more information, or for a free estimate anytime. We are fully aware of how traumatizing and costly sewage damage in Chicago can be and that is why we try with every sewage cleanup job that we do to be better than the job before. We are the best of all the Chicago IL Sewage Cleanup Services and strive to achieve the highest level in customer satisfaction possible. The individual ingredients in sewage are pretty disgusting on their own merit and each contain their own health risks as well. However, these sewage ingredients get even worse as the different chemicals and human waste elements combine with each other, because the mixing of all these various biohazards can result in different chemical reactions that can be extremely harmful to human health especially, if it is not properly cleaned up in a timely manner. You should wear the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) to clean up the mess. Calling certified professionals like those at 2nd Chance Water Restoration is always the best way to go especially, because we give 100% completely obligation free estimates anywhere in the greater Chicago area 24-7 every day of the year. We can come survey the property and give you an estimate and an idea of what needs to be done at absolutely no cost, if you call (866) 575-5814. Our IICRC certified service professionals are fully equipped, qualified, and ready to clean even the nastiest sewage emergencies any time and any where within an hour in Chicago including, but not limited to the following neighborhoods: Wrigleyville, Gold Coast, Bucktown, Logan Square, Rogers Park, Lakeview, RavenswoodNear North Side, The Loop, Irving Park, and Edgewater. Cleaning up sewage thoroughly and in a very timely manner is important not only due to the pathogens that are already in the sewage, but because mold will begin to grow within 24-72 hours, which will further complicate things and lead to more expense and headaches. This is why it is extremely important that you call the best Chicago Water and Fire Restoration Company  there is to get a free estimate at (866)-575-5814. We are approved, if not preferred, by every major insurance company and can handle the entire claim process with directly, so that you have one less headache to deal with during a difficult situation. We have worked with insurance companies across the nation on a lot of Flood Damage claims and we have the experience and skill to make it a smooth process. Be sure to follow us on Twitter: @2ndChanceclean


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