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Chicago Sewage Cleanup

Posted Thu, Nov 17, 2016 in 2nd Chance Water Restoration

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      Chicago sewage cleanup is fast and easy with 2nd Chance! Our fast response and free estimates allow for quick sewage removal done right now! When you have a sewer backup it is important to do the cleanup step by step according to the guidelines set forth by the IICRC. Those guidelines are very important to maintain a safe work environment and to safely and effectively remove all the sewage. Sewer backup can occur for all sorts of reasons not that the really old sewer systems of Chicago need any help. That sewer system is over a hundreds years and has a much bigger population then the sewer system was meant for. The demand of the population is a huge strain and of there is a large storm then it is over.

Chicago Sewage Cleanup!

What are some of the causes of sewer backup in Chicago?

  • To much rain
  • Over population
  • Broken pipes
  • Improper items flushed
  • Faulty toilets, tubs or sinks

What can I do to prevent sewer backup from occurring?

The most important thing that you can do is to be careful what you flush down your plumbing. A lot of the times people will use "flushable" wipes not realizing that could be detrimental. Just because something says it is flushable does not mean that it is a good idea to flush it. Those wipes oftentimes latch onto something in the lines, and then next thing you know they stack on each other. Your lines get clogged and you have sewer water coming into your home. You will need to call a plumber and that can be expensive. If the spill is really big then you will want to call your local water damage company to perform the sewage cleanup. When you have sewage get into your home or business you need to be mindful of what it comes into contact with. Sewer water is class three water and the worst kind of water you can have come into your property. All soft building materials and personal content are pretty much ruined upon contact, and at the very least should be carefully separated for evaluation. Cleaning should not be done on clothing or carpeting. To find out about the salvage ability of sewer soaked carpet click here.

Chicago sewage cleanup!

After the Great Chicago Fire the sewer system was not upgraded but the city above ground was expanded. That means the City of Chicago has way more people using way more water and providing to much demand on the sewer system. Quite often that means that the lowest points of the system are often overfilled. That leads to a lot of Chicago flooded basement cleanup jobs for 2nd Chance Water Restoration. When that happens we usually refer the customers to John Spears "The Plumbing Doctor" at 630-936-1157! Plumbers can install a flood prevention system, which is like a doggy door in your sewer line. The sewage can go out but can not come in. John is reasonably priced and does excellent work so if you have a history of flooding in your home from sewer backup then you may want to give him a call.

Will my insurance cover a sewer backup?

It is very common if not typical that you will need a specific rider called sewer/sump pump backup to have coverage in case of sewer related water damage. Chicago water damage restoration can be expensive, often running into the thousands, especially if it is sewage related.  2nd Chance Water Restoration is a local company with the strongest reputation around! We will provide you a free on site estimate 24/7 in an hour or less. We know the best ways to cleanup any sewage problems so give us a call right now if you have flooding from a sewer backup in Chicago!


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