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Chicago Fire & Water Restoration Services

Posted Fri, May 18, 2018 in Chicago

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(866) 575-5814 phone-iconAlways Nearby. Call Today! Chicago fire and water restoration services are always in high demand due to the amount of people in the city. There is always a chance for fire, when you have a lot of people in a small area. Fire damage also leads to smoke damage and water damage in most cases. Therefore, it's important to know what to do, if you have fire damage ahead of time. It also important to know how to clean smoke damage a little bit. Water damage almost always follows fire damage, so ones leads to the other. A lot of Chicago also happens to be multiple family housing and commercial space where tenants are close. Fire and smoke damage is a more common problem in Chicago than most cities. The reason for all the smoke and fire damage is due to a lot of cold weather and old buildings. It seems that there is more Chicago fire and smoke damage work every year. Make sure to check out your air ducts and HVAC system every year to avoid fire damage in your Chicago area home. A fire in one unit can cause flooding in the whole building due to the water putting it out.

Fire & Water Damage

The neighbor starting a fire while cooking or by leaving a candle burning is a story we hear often. It also seems to always be the guy on the top floor too. We were doing a Chicago fire and water damage project last week in a 50 unit building. The fire got its start in the living room, when the cat knocked papers onto a burning candle. Stacks of newspaper were burning in seconds, so the tenant could not control the fire. The Chicago fire men and women were there in a hurry to put out the blaze. The fire was under control in less than ten minutes, so it was amazing work by the responders. They had to use a lot of water, so there was flooding everywhere. The elevator shafts had 6 feet of water in each one due to the fire on the top floor.

Commercial Fire & Water Damage

There are warehouses all over Chicago that have sprinklers in case of fire. These sprinkler systems work very well most of the time. Sometimes they also work a little too well. We went to this warehouse to do water removal due to someone smoking in the bathroom. It was too cold outside to go have a smoke. The sprinklers dumped over twenty thousand gallons of water onto all kinds of expensive stuff. We are pretty sure the guy got the ax for not wanting to smoke outside. Everything in the warehouse had water damage due to the one little smoke. So many Chicago fire issues are the result of careless people doing silly things. The water damage that follows is also their fault. Things will always happen, when you have so many people living so close together. Therefore, it is important to make sure you have protection against fire and water damage at all times. We do provide free estimates for all commercial fire & water damage in the greater Chicago area.

Do Fire & Water Work ASAP

Fire and water damage tends to get worse over time, so do the cleanup ASAP. Water left to dry on it's onw leads to mold growth, which means it's important to start drying right away. You have 48-72 hours for mold growth to begin, so get drying equipment going with 24 hours. The fast you get the drying process going the better. The faster you dry the property after water damage the more money you will save. Our water restoration crew takes great pride in getting homes dry well within 72 hours of the first call. We get things dry faster than anyone and we also have a rep for fair pricing. We do offer free estimates for fire & water restoration 24-7 everyday of the year in the greater Chicago area. Our Chicago fire & water restoration teams are here to help.

Drying Equipment Rental In Chicago

We also rent drying equipment to the DYI crowd. Our water restoration team will deliver drying equipment anywhere in the greater Chicago area for no extra charge. You just have to pay for the equipment you need for as long as you need. We will also pick up the drying equipment at no extra charge. Free estimates for water damage and drying equipment needs is one of our main services. The Chicago water & fire team are always available for free estimates and also drying equipment rental. We know fire & water damage happen at the worse moments, so we work around your schedule. The big concern have during any Chicago water & fire issue is making sure people get back to normal ASAP! We love to help people give their property the second chance it deserves.


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