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Chicago Water Damage Repair Service

Posted Tue, Sep 11, 2018 in City

Chicago water damage repair is best done by 2nd Chance Water Restoration due to the work we do. Check out our Chicago water damage repair reviews, so you know we are making a strong claim. We do a lot of work in Chicago, because we have a great reputation. Our team also gives the best pricing in the great Chicago area for all the services we provide. Give us a call for a FREE estimate anytime at (866) 575-5814. flood damage cleanup chicago The flooring at this Chicago water damage repair also had to go due to the sewage backup. The sewage came out of the sink due to a backup between the 5th and 6th floor. The person on the 7th floor also kept using the kitchen even though the plumbing was broke. The sewage damage was incredible at this Chicago water damage repair. There were over thirty thousand dollars in damage just in this one condo. There were several floors that were in need of Chicago water damage repair service, so we got there quick.

Water Damage Chicago

Water Damage Chicago style is not joke due to how often flooding in Chicago happens. Chicago was built on a huge swampland next to a huge lake. The ground around the whole Chicago area has a pretty high water table. Our ground is also perfect for flooding, water damage Chicago style means something. Our water damage Chicago team has been cleaning up flood damage Give us a call for a FREE estimate anytime at (866) 575-5814 in the whole Chicago area. The water damage here was from rainwater and the carpet was two weeks old, so the homeowner asks to save it. We took out the padding and began to dry the carpet, but the insurance company did the right thing. They got the homeowner to let us cut out the carpet. The homeowner was happy to have a new carpet at the end of the day.

Chicago Water And Sewage

This Chicago water and sewage flood were due to clogging in the plumbing. The people in the building were flushing things down the drains that they shouldn't have. Clogging in the pipes on the floors in the middle of the building was the cause behind flooding the bottom units. The kitchen sink had so much sewage coming out of it on the fifth floor that water went down to the first floor. There were drying equipment and water damage on multiple floors due to one pipe having a clog for one day. Water damage in big buildings can spread very quickly. By the time the building was able to turn off the water, there was nearly a half million in damage. 2nd Chance Water restoration does have a lot of experience with large water damage losses in Chicago. Large commercial water damage projects are one of the things 2nd Chance Water Restoration specializes in.


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