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Broken Pipes Often Cause The Most Flood Damage/ Tips & Info

Posted Thu, Nov 17, 2016 in 2nd Chance Water Restoration

An Elmhurst burst pipe filled this light fixture with water!

Broken Pipes Often Cause The Most Flood Damage/ Tips & Info

  Broken pipes can be the most destructive thing to happen to a property! When you have a broken pipe in your property the water does not care and will go everywhere and anywhere. It will saturate everything in it's path out of your house. Flood damage everywhere is quite common with broke pipes.

It can be very dangerous to have water in a light fixture!

Water damage restoration will be have to be done right in these situations. You will have to check the electric in the property and make sure it is safe. The furnace and water heater will have to be checked to make sure they are not affected. If the water heater is wet and does not turn on we recommend replacement. You can dry them out usually and get them running but you have to worry about electrical issues and fire risks.  

Turn the power of before you do the water removal!

  If you have a vacant property do not try to save money by keeping the thermostat set to low. If a house is allowed to sit and 56 degrees by the thermostat then in between the walls it can be much colder. You have to worry about wind chill freezing your pipes. that is right! Even if your thermostat is set at 56 degrees it is possible to freeze pipes. When the pipes thaw they will burst and spray water everywhere. There goes any money that  you might have saved on that heat bill.  

This bathroom looks like a crime scene thanks to that broken pipe!

The worst part is that if you have your heat off or even set to low it is more than likely that you will not be covered under your insurance. 2nd Chance has seen that happen on many occasions so here we are warning you. We make good money just like all restoration companies when there is this much damage but we would rather not see people lose so much. Please make sure to maintain your payments to the gas company on vacant properties as well because even a momentary lapse in your policy is enough for your insurance provider to get out of paying and rightfully so. We have seen all kind of other reasons that pipes broke and in ways people would never imagine. Seen someone get mad at a store and break pipes in the bathroom for revenge. We cleaned up some water damage when someone tried to do pull-ups on and old sprinkler system. Seen pipes break because a drunk person stumbled into them. I have seen a urinal knocked off the wall when a large man passed out in a hotel lobby bathroom and knocked a urinal off a wall. I have seen pipes burst or break for all sorts of reasons in my 19 years of experience, but my all time favorite story is an easy one to choose. An older lady in her fifties met an 18 year old boy off the internet for a passionate rendezvous at a fancy hotel and decided it was a good idea to use his tie to secure him naked to the sprinkler head in their bedroom. Well when she poured wax on his bare chest from a candle the young man panicked and accidentally pulled the sprinkler head off the wall. The story gets even better! The sprinkler system, that spayed out like a hydrant, turned them blue as they tried to flee. Sprinklers often have bacteria in them which causes their water to turn bluish in color. They tried to sneak out from the four floor flood job they created, but the staff picked them out because they looked like wet smurfs. We made a lot of money, the hotel was compensated by insurance and the smurf lady had to pay for the damages. She obviously was not to upset because she and her young lover simply checked into the hotel across the street after the police straightened everything out.  This started off as a serious blog but that memory distracts me every single time. I mean....they were blue!!  


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