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April Showers Bring Water Damage In Chicago

Posted Thu, Apr 26, 2018 in 2nd Chance Water Restoration

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(866) 575-5814 phone-iconAlways Nearby. Call Today! This April has been fairly cold by Chicago standards, but there also has not been a ton of rain. However, the rain that has poured down this month poured hard in small amounts of time. This hard rain in a small time period is more than Chicago sewers could handle, so there was flooding. Our water restoration and remodeling/rebuilding crews are staying busy due to the heavy rain in short periods of time. We are able to give free estimates for either service. Give us a call to schedule a remodel or cleanup estimate at 866-575-5814 anytime. The building in the photo below had sewage backup in the basement due to heavy rain in the area. Sewage Backing Up Into Chicago BathroomThe sewage problem in Chicago is something everyone in living in the city knows all about. Almost every basement in Chicago has had a sewer backup at some point due to the city sewer problems. You never want to see sewage flooding your basement due to the bacteria and all the other nasty hazards. A lot of things in sewage can make people very sick, so you need to clean it right. It also pays to clean it up as quickly as possible. The secondary damage that comes with a sewage backup is no fun either. The sewage above is about nasty as it gets. You also don't want this in your basement. Sewage carries a lot of organic material with it. There is plenty of germs, viruses and bacteria of a wide variety mixed in with sewage. Mixing sewage with drywall and things in your basement is the perfect way to start mold growth. Mold will start growing within 48 hours under these conditions. The smell is also something out of this world. It only gets worse with time.

Sewage Coming Up Drain In Bathroom

The sewage coming up the drain can be caused by a clog in the sewer system. The sewage backup can also be caused by broken pipes that is causing the sewer to flood. You will need a plumber to help with the sewer backing up, but you will also need a water restoration company. Calling both out right away can save you a lot of money and hassle down the road, so act quickly. It is surprising, but a lot of people put off cleaning up sewage, because it is so overwhelming. Don't be one of those people should sewage come into your basement. Getting the sewage cleanup and dry quickly will save you thousands of dollars. The sewage in this basement hit the furnace and made it's way into the air handler. Having sewage in your air system is never a good thing for your indoor air quality. We also took this picture halfway through the sewage cleanup. The staining took a lot of effort to remove due to the time the sewage sat in the basement. We got the stains out and got the basement back to a sanitary condition. It is important to turn off the gas and air system should sewage reach the pilot lights or air handlers. Do not try to run a furnace that has sewage in it. You should not turn on air systems, until they have been clean due to cross contamination concerns. Here is what the EPA says about air duct cleaning, mold and more. Call us for a free quote on air duct cleaning too at 866-575-5814 anytime.


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