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Air Duct Cleaning Plano, TX 75023

Posted Thu, Nov 17, 2016 in 2nd Chance Water Restoration

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Air systems in Plano, TX 75023 need to be cleaned every year it seems to maintain clean air and to prevent mold growth from occurring.The air can get humid in and around your vents when the air conditioner is running seemingly all the time. When you have constant moisture combined with organic material such as dust and dander than bad things can happen! Do you notice dust covering the objects in your home more and more frequently? If so then you may need an air system clean and check.

Air Duct Cleaning In Plano Good Air Duct Cleaning equipment is important to the effectiveness of the work!

2nd Chance does not want you to get dust all over your home when we clean your air system so we make sure to use negative air to remove the dust and dander from your air system safely and effectively. We make sure that the vacuums are running at max speed as we use or brushes and air whip systems to agitate all the debris from your duct work. Residents of Plano, TX 75023 have many options for this kind of work obviously, but none of them have our record of success. Having done air duct cleaning all over the country our technicians have incredible experience at getting the dust out! No matter if you have flex tubing through out your Plano home or live on a slab. Our equipment and experience will combine to deliver a lights our performance. When we are through extracting the debris we will have removed 99.7 percent of all dust and debris from your air system while keeping 100% of that contained in our HEPA vacuum systems. The whole point of cleaning your air system is to get the dust out of your home so we can not allow ourselves to get it all over. Dust is created by decomposing skin, construction debris and the break down of organic material which means that is gross. Little organisms such as dust mites can survive on that organic material. Bugs can live off those organisms and then rodents can live off those bugs. Basically, your air system if dirty enough can contain it's own ecosystem. If that sounds particularly gross to you then please note that we offer anti-microbial sanitizer and mold and mildewcide to to disinfect your air system.

Air Duct Cleaning Plano, TX 75206 HEPA vacuum made exclusively for cleaning air ducts

We take off every vent and return and go through every opening and piece of pipe so that nothing is missed. We will brush and clean all the covers before putting back into place. After each opening is cleaned, and before the cover is put back into place, we can use an ultra low volume fogger to disperse disinfectant evenly through out the system. House Dust Mite.jpg On site inspections, for free, will help determine the level of service required to suit your needs. We will go over all work to be performed in your Plano home or business before we get started. It is imperative to clean everything in your system and most systems are entirely different for each other. You can call us for a free quote at 469-909-8249!


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