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wall mold

Mold is the scariest word a homeowner could hear. Mold can be devastating to your home, health, and pocketbook. Mold usually starts has water damage often caused by sewage backup. Water can cause mold to grow in organic material within 24 to 72 hours. It is not a possibility but a certainty. Mold will grow everywhere but don’t freak out. Mold¬†is a natural thing that happens to be in every home and not just the ones with water damage from sewage backup.

Trust me, I should know. I have over a dozen years of experience removing mold. I started out doing water removal when I was a carpet cleaner in Elmhurst il. I started cleaning carpets in the summer after high school. I was eighteen and never even heard of mold in homes. I was young to the world and clueless to the effects of water damage and what it could do. I didn’t even know that the company I worked for did water removal until I was sent a house that needed a water extraction because of some sewage backup. It turns out the kids had flushed a bunch of baby wipes down the toilet. That in turned clogged the pipes and caused the problem. They called a plumber who then proceeded to call my company. I was riding with a senior technician named Kevin who had been on many water extraction jobs before. The first thing we did was start on the water removal in the flooded basement. We used his truck mount extraction machine which I tho only was good for carpet cleaning.

He explained to me that water removal was like ninety nine percent Of the job and was paramount to the drying process. It was going to be as simple as placing a dehumidifier but was actually a very  complex science. Psychometry is the science of drying. After my experience with Kevin I decided to become a professional dryer. I went to the certification courses and learned how to prevent mold. The first time I ever saw mold was in a sewage backup in Chicago that water removal was necessary due to how much water came in. There was water everywhere and it even got in the walls! I mean it just went up and up and up the wall. It was simply incredible how much water came into contact with walls of this home!

I had to call Kevin again because he was still a more experienced professional at the time. All the mold was more than any I had ever seen. The mold was in the furniture and the carpets. I’m sure the problem was ther longer than the customer would like to admit. That is why I like to do my work in Elmhurst il instead of the real bad parts of Chicago. Sewage backup is never fun no matter where you are but there is no place like home. Drying your home is very important whenever it gets wet, especially if you don’t want mold in your home. Kevin quickly assessed the situation and told me what he felt I needed to do. Which was great because I learned a lot of things I still use today!