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Information On Water Damage Chicago Needs To Know

Frequently asked questions and information on sewage, mold, and water damage that Chicago needs to know!

Water damage can happen at any time, day or night, and at any time of year especially in Chicago, because of the crazy storms in the spring and summer as well as the horrible freezing of sewers and plumbing supply lines in the winter.

sewage cleanup in Chicago

Sewage cleanup in Chicago

Everyone in Chicago knows that it is only a matter of time, before you flood, if you have a basement in this city. Chicago is notorious for the amount of flooding that goes on in the basements and crawl spaces in this local area. Sewage fills more crawl spaces and floods more basements in this area than even the most seasoned Chicagoan realizes though. When you are calling us at 2nd Chance Water Restoration for your water damage and sewage cleanup needs please beware that we will need to get some valuable information from you,  before we arrive within the hour for a totally free estimate. It is important that we ask the following questions, when trying to determine the best course of action in preparing for the water and sewage damage clean up:

  1. What type of water is causing the damage? Is it category one water (broken plumbing supply line), category 2 (rain or flood water), or category 3 everyone’s favorite: sewage).
  2. How long has the water been causing damage? Mold starts to grow relatively quickly, so it is important to get into the drying stage as soon as possible.
  3. What steps, if any have you taken to mitigate the water damage? We can help you out in any stage of the cleanup project.
  4. Where is the damage located in your home, or business? We are capable of cleaning any size home, or business in the Chicago land area.
  5. Is there standing water, or mold present? Let us know, so we can determine, whether to bring air scrubbers and sump pumps, or just focus on bringing air movers, blowers, fans, dehumidifiers, and other professional drying equipment.
  6. Are you located in Chicago, or one of the surrounding suburbs? We can get to within an hour whether your are Chicago, Villa Park, Lombard, Naperville, Glenview, Gurnee, Grayslake, Crete, or any of the local surrounding areas and suburbs.

Call 630-546-2239 for your free sewage, mold, or water damage needs today and get a totally free estimate within the hour!

Chicago mold removal

Mold removal in Chicago

Mold is a very scary world, because there are real dangers associated with it and most people in Chicago simply haven’t educated themselves enough about mold and what they can do to prevent, or properly remove mold damage for their homes, or Chicago based businesses.

  1. Did you know that dead mold is just as dangerous as live mold? Mold is constantly going to war with other types of mold, because these different types of mold are fighting for the same thing everyone else is in the animal kingdom: food and their own personal space. Mold uses mycotoxins to kill, or fight other mold, but unfortunately we also have negative health impact, when exposed to mold. Mycotoxins do not break down very easily and are still dangerous whether the mold is dead, or alive, so applying anti-microbial like bleach and other disinfectants do not make your home mold free.
  2. Did you know that mold usually take 72 hours to grow? Certain types of mold grow faster and certain types of mold grow more abundantly depending on the amount of moisture levels.
  3. Did you know that best way to treat your home for mold is to simply remove the mold completely and safely using proper cleaning and remediation techniques like negative air, hepa vacuuming, and wiping with anti-microbial wipes, before cutting out any affected cellulose material?

water damage in Chicago

Chicago water damage restoration

2nd Chance Water Restoration prides itself on making sure all of it’s technicians are certified, properly equipped, trained and ready to provide you the best pro service in Chicago, Hinsdale, Oak Brook, Elmhurst, Villa Park, Naperville, or any of the surrounding local areas at the best price possible, when it comes to your home, or business’s water, sewage, and mold damage cleanup efforts.