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Flood Damage Cleanup Near Me

It seems that I always have flood damage near me, which makes since because it’s my job! I have been a water removal technician for almost 18 years now so i guess you could call me an expert. I have dried out thosands and thousands of homes myself. Chances are that if you live in Chicago that I have dried out someone within a mile or two from your home.

I have been all over the country doing flood damage cleanup when disaster strikes! I followed hurricanes and nor’easters and I arrived after regular storms beyond counting! Water Damage Restoration companies get certified instead of licensed so that they can do their across the country. We are encouraged to travel as big storm events will overwhelm local companies ability to do water removal in time to prevent mold and bacteria from destroying properties.

Flooded basement cleanup

In the eye of the storm!

Some states have stricter rules than others regarding the local ordinances so we always check when traveling and follow the proper steps. Usually when big storms happen local governments will wave any normal restrictions for certified water damage companies. In Colorado a few years ago they put a hold on the drywall laws. Turns out if you plan on cutting drywall in Colorado you better get it tested first. Not knowing the rules is not an excuse for not following the rules so we double and triple check when we travel! Flood damage cleanup is the same thing everywhere it’s just usually about making sure that taxes are paid and the citizens have legitimate help. Both of those are good things so jumping through some hoops is no big deal.

Flood damage cleanup

Meeting the locals!

Flooded basement cleanup

Trying their food! ??

The job is a lot of fun and when the events happen they are near places that are worth seeing most of the time. Flooding usually happens by big bodies of water such as rivers or oceans which means some scenery unlike what we are used to in Chicago. I always want to have water damage near me so that I can feel useful! We see water do some amazing things and cause incredible damage. I have seen areas completely decimated by the destructive force of water. No safe running tap water and gas supplies gone are not uncommon. I have seen sinkholes wipeout whole blocks of buildings.

Flood damage cleanup near me

Water out of control!

Flooded basement cleanup near me

Water run amok!

When water runs amok there is little you can do but get out of the way! Mother Nature always wins! All you can do is try and recover. That is what we do, try to help people recover as smoothly as possible. We often have to be counsellors and friends when we help people with flood damage cleanup. It can be an emotional process seeing all your stuffs damaged and the cost can quickly add up to boot. When you are dealing with water damage go one with the highest rated company near you. Oftentimes that is me. Call 2nd Chance whenever you have flood damage near me.